Types of Shoe Inserts for Back Pain

Shoe Inserts for Back Pain

Shoe inserts for back pain are a popular solution utilized by many patients to relieve their back symptoms without any drastic treatment. There are 2 primary types of orthotic shoe inserts, each used for a different purpose. The first is more common, being the variety made of soft cushiony gel to absorb shock when walking, while the other being elevated inserts designed to even out a leg length discrepancy.

It is always advised to research your particular condition or consult with a qualified doctor to better understand if orthotic inserts are indicated for your specific type of painful expression. It is also best to shop around carefully prior to purchase, since the cost of these devices ranges dramatically. There is no sense spending any more money than you have to invest if you do decide that orthotics may be the right way for you to find relief from your spinal suffering.

Shock Absorbing Shoe Inserts for Back Pain

Cushiony gel inserts can be cheap or very expensive, depending on where they are purchased. Some of these inserts cost under $20 at your local drug store, while custom made gel orthotics can run several hundred dollars or more.

The idea behind these products is to lessen the stress on the spinal structures by absorbing impact at the feet when walking, running or doing any athletic activity. This seems fine in theory, but is really quite a naïve notion.

In virtually all cases, patients who experience considerable relief from these devices do so by the simple power of placebo alone or simply enjoy the increased comfort of the devices. Remember too that many back pain conditions are not even structurally-induced, so there is no need to lessen any shock at all. These inserts are best used to increase comfort when exercising and prevent foot pain.

Orthotic Shoe Inserts for Back Pain

Custom orthotics designed to even out different leg lengths are also quite popular and are recommended by many chiropractors who insist that this leg length difference is the answer to many painful complaints.

Statistics show that the overwhelming majority of people diagnosed with functional short leg syndrome are anatomically normal and have no reason to pursue treatment. This is a nice way of saying that the diagnosis is unenlightened, incorrect and sometimes outwardly fraudulent in many cases.

Statistics also show that the majority of mild anatomical leg length issues are not painful, although some may be. In some obvious cases, a shoe insert orthotic may be useful, but for many patients, they are usually just a waste of quite a bit of money. It might be best to get several opinions from a variety of doctors before actually purchasing an expensive custom-fitted insert for different leg lengths.

Shoe Inserts for Back Pain Advice

This product niche is hugely profitable sector within the back pain industry. Mass produced and custom made orthotics are big business and I am sure that this article will anger many care providers making unbelievable profits recommending these mostly ridiculous products.

Now, please understand, some people truly benefit from these devices, but compared to the number who use them, this number is low. Very low. The rest of you are being deceived into thinking that you need a shoe insert and worst of all, that the device is actually helping.

My advice is to pass these by in most cases, since the diagnostic theories used to prescribe shoe inserts are mostly flawed and antiquated. If you like inserts for simple comfort factor alone, that is fine, just do not expect a back pain miracle cure.

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