Investing in Back Pain Relief Products

Back Pain Relief Products

There are many back pain relief products available to help the user treat back pain at home, at work or on the go. Some of these products are designed by doctors, while others are from the long tradition of the snake oil salesman. Make sure that you only purchase quality products from reputable companies and never spend indiscriminately, since this is likely to cost lots of money with little hope for positive results.

The back pain relief product market has some potentially truly good offerings, but these are sometimes lost amid a sea of scams and garbage. There are more devices than a person could ever buy and all claim to provide virtual miracles of pain relief and curative ability. If they all work so well, then how come none are accepted and recognized cures for back pain? We have yet to find a single product that delivers what it claims. We would love to really get hold of one, just to actually hold something in our hands which actually does what it says! That would be refreshing.

Back Pain Relief Products Experiences

I wasted quite a bit of money on products which promised the world, but turned out to be great disappointments. Lots of my chiropractors loved to stock the latest gadgets which they claimed would provide the real answer to my pain. I invested in some (at great markups) and found them to be universally ridiculous and complete wastes of time and money. Most were simply plastic garbage with some lights to make them look scientific.

Really, come on doc. How can you recommend these toys just to make money at the expense of people with real pain? We caution the reader to research a product before purchasing, to avoid similarly negative experiences.

It does not help to the credibility of these back pain relief products that most are not rated as medical devices and are therefore immune to the regulations placed on legitimate products by the governments of the world. The majority of devices are sold as health and beauty aids which basically means they can claim anything and not suffer any consequences. Fine lawyers at work here.

Additionally, so many are manufactured and distributed by foreign companies specifically operating in areas of the world where no one cares what they are doing. We see this all the time and have been approached by advertisers from many of these firms who were shown the proverbial door.

Read some helpful advice about purchasing back care products.

Types of Back Pain Relief Products

Product inquires are some of the most common requests we receive from readers. Therefore, we have written many dedicated essays detailing the wide range of products that are available to fight back pain:

Back pain books use the power of knowledge to help patients advocate on their own behalf. Knowledge is always a great investment.

TENS machines and TENS units provide electrotherapy at home, on the go, or wherever pain relief is needed.

Back braces come in several styles, including muscular back support braces and various types of neck braces.

Back pain bras are specially designed to lighten the load of heavy breasts that can contribute to symptoms in the neck, back and shoulders.

Back pain chairs include several varieties of ergonomic chairs, as well as alternate seating products like kneeling chairs, best represented by the original Kneelsit.

Massage chairs can be pricey, but effective investments for home back pain relief.

Magnetic jewelry was all the rage a few years back and still generates huge profits within the back and neck pain care sectors.

Topical lotions and salves, such as effective capsaicin cream, can provide soothing symptom management without the risks of oral drug interventions.

Inversion tables can provide a crude version of spinal decompression at home.

Orthopedic mattresses and Tempurpedic bedding products are patient favorites for getting more restful sleep. 

Meanwhile, adjustable beds are ideally suited for patients who have a difficult time getting out of bed or patients who are confined to bed. 

Back pain pillows complete the necessary creature comforts that every dorsalgia patients must have. Coccyx pain pillows can really help with sitting and do so without any real risk whatsoever.

Back pain shoes and shoe inserts can help many patients who must stand or walk often. Arch supports have gained popularity as an effective treatment for flat footed back pain.

Our Cure Back Pain Forever Program uses a three tiered process to manage, cure and prevent pain, depending on diagnosis and need. Results are great for a wide range of diagnoses and we are so happy to be able to help you by offering immediate online access to the program from anywhere in the world.

To Buy or Not to Buy, That is the Question

Back pain relief products manufacturing is a multi-billion dollar industry. Companies are always either reading the latest pain research or paying someone to write it.

If a product provides even some small measure of hope for finding back pain relief, you can be sure that a company will try to sell it as the next amazing miracle cure for back pain. We have all watched the evening news and heard of at least 100 of these miracle cures every year.

Don’t throw away money on any product claiming to be the answer to your back pain problem. Research the product and try to develop a sense for it’s authenticity before buying. After all, if you truly believe that it will help your back pain, then most likely, it will, through placebo alone, if for no other more tangible reason.

In summary, buying back pain relief products is certainly performed at some financial risk. Do not take a leap of faith here, but instead, put in some time to read up on a back pain relief product and allow the facts to speak for themselves.

Warning: There are many review websites which talk about particular products. These are created by the product manufacturers themselves, or by sales affiliates, and filled with propaganda, false testimonials and lies. These are not objective and most patients never know the truth of it all until they already buy the garbage and realize their mistake. The rest are usually upsell scams where you buy some program, then wind up on a mailing list, email list and call list and are harassed to buy more crap for years to come. They want your money and couldn't care less if you have pain or not.

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