Perfect Chair for Back Pain

Chair for Back Pain

A chair for back pain relief is a necessity for lower back pain sufferers who sit for long periods of time. These specialized pain relief chairs are also called ergonomic chairs. They are highly adjustable seating products designed to minimize discomfort and back pain associated with long periods of sitting. Ergonomic chairs create the proper position for maximum spinal support and good posture, but are rarely stand-alone cures for pain.

Sure, sitting back pain is a huge problem for lower back ache patients, but rarely does blame lie with the seating surface used. Therefore, improving the quality and comfort of the chair may help to some degree, but is unlikely to resolve the underlying reason why pain exists when the patient is seated.

This article details seating products that are specially manufactured and marketed to people with back pain problems.

Chair for Back Pain / Learning How to Sit

Sitting for extended periods of time increases the pressure in the lower back. This pressure can cause back problems or worsen existing pain conditions. Sitting back pain is a common complaint of patients with diagnosed lower back problems, but can also affect people with no known structural defects in the lumbar spine.

Generally, doctors and physical therapists make certain recommendations for people who must sit often or for extended time frames:

It is important to change your sitting position regularly and take breaks every hour or so to stretch.

Make sure to adjust your work station to be as efficient as possible and avoid bending, reaching or straining more than necessary.

Follow proper rules of ergonomics and be sure to maintain good seated posture for best comfort.

These guidelines sound easy, but then why is seated back ache so common?

Styles of Chairs for Back Pain

Quality ergonomic chairs are designed with different goals towards pain relief. It is important to choose the correct chair for you. Some chairs offer lots of support and cushioning to make traditional sitting as comfortable as possible. Other designs put you in a kneeling position to eliminate traditional seated posture altogether. Still others are designed to put the pressure on your abdominal muscles rather than your back, building up those muscles in the process. Finally, back pain relief beads or cushions can be purchased and installed on any normal chair.

Prices for these seating options range wildly, from $10 for an inexpensive accessory to literally thousands of dollars for the best ergonomic leather chairs. Be sure to shop wisely to avoid spending more than is necessary when purchasing a product which will be more than adequate for your needs.

The Bottom Line on Where to Sit Your Bottom

My recommendation is to research any back pain chair thoroughly before making a purchase. Make sure you fit the chair to your personal style and preferences, rather than try to force yourself to conform to the chair. The golden rule is: If it feels good, then buy it. You don’t need the latest, greatest or most expensive in order to get the most out of your sitting experience, just use comfort and common sense as your guides. 

It is vital to find a chair that fits your anatomy well.  Many patients use chairs with expensive features that are not proportionate to their bodies. This means that lumbar supports are not hitting their targets, head rests are not positioned properly and the overall height and depth of the chair may be completely wrong. In fact, one of the most common mistakes people make is buying a chair that is too high or too low for their ideal anatomical seated posture. Keep this fact in mind as you shop for your own seating products needs.  

I would love to hear your experiences using a chair for back pain. Feel free to write your story on the back pain forum and tell us all what worked best for you!

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