Kneeling Chairs for Back Pain

Kneeling Chairs

Kneeling chairs are an alternative seating option for people who are suffering from lumbar back pain, sciatica and other lower body pain syndromes. A great number of patients find traditional seated posture to be a torture and I can certainly empathize with this experience. The modified posture provided by a kneel chair may be one possible solution for those who need to sit, but can not do so comfortably.

Sitting for long periods of time can make anyone stiff and sore, but is a true nightmare for patients with chronic lower back pain and sciatica. Many doctors recommend various types of ergonomic seating devices for people with low back ache. Sitting back pain is a typical symptomatic complaint and some patients report that the type of chair used may contribute to their suffering or help to relieve it.

Kneel chairs are one option for these poor souls who must sit to work and require some measure of comfort and relief from their nagging seated back pain symptoms.

What are Kneeling Chairs?

Kneel chairs are a completely different concept in office seating. Instead of placing the buttocks flat on the chair horizontally to support the entire weight of the upper body, a kneel chair creates a unique new seated position. This position distributes the weight of the upper body partially on the buttocks, which is placed on an inclined seat, and partially on the shins, which rest against another lower inclined platform.

In essence, the weight of the body is supported by more surface area and the posture is placed into a more upright angle, with less stress on the lumbar spine, buttocks and upper thighs. Research has shown this to be a beneficial positional change for many patients.

Facts About Kneel Chairs

Kneel chairs do more than merely help many patients with lower back pain. They also provide increased lower body circulation and relief from other seated concerns, such as hemorrhoids. Kneel chairs can be used by virtually anyone, although it might take some time to acclimate to the alternative seated posture.

Kneel chairs can be purchased in specialty furniture and office furniture stores, as well as online. There are standard models available from many manufacturers, as well as custom ordered user-specific models for a higher cost. Materials and fabrics vary, lending the chair to every style of decor.

If you have found it difficult to find a comfortable ergonomic chair, then kneel chairs might be just the thing to help you find relief while at work.

Will a Kneeling Chair Cure My Pain?

I first came across the Kneelsit chair when I was in Thailand. This is perhaps the most famous manufacturer of kneel chairs. However, now there are many companies competing for your valuable consumer dollars in this specialty chair market.

Whenever possible, try to sit in the actual chair for a time before you buy it. It is difficult to get a real feel for any of these products until you have tried them on for size and comfort. Remember that a quality chair is a good investment, but there is no need to spend a tremendous amount of money to get what you truly want.

Although these back pain chairs might not be the answer to every seated complaint, they have helped many patients better concentrate on work without the added burden of severe sitting back pain. Just be clear that these seating devices will never resolve causative structural issues which may be sourcing the pain. They may merely make the act of sitting more tolerable while the patient tries to find a true cure for what ails them.

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