True Causes of Chronic Fatigue

Chronic Fatigue

Chronic fatigue syndrome is an epidemic condition which literally saps the life out of affected individuals. CFS is a very difficult diagnosis to overcome, since it is poorly understood and even more poorly managed by medical science. I have read (and written) many scathing critiques explaining the reasons how and why CFS was organized into one diagnostic theory. Experts tell of patients who are diagnosed simply to pump them full of expensive and risky drugs which were not designed for their condition, nor proven to do anything to resolve it. This is criminal medical negligence at its highest level. No wonder some patients with CFS are inclined towards drastic solutions for their suffering, often including thoughts of suicide.

We have discovered that chronic tiredness can be overcome without any medical therapy. In fact, many patients report complete resolution of chronic fatigue problems using solely holistic mindbody therapies.

Chronic Fatigue Symptoms

CFS is characterized by a variable symptomology which seems to affect every patient differently. However, there are many commonly experienced symptoms, with the most typical including any or all of the following:

Extreme tiredness, both physical and cognitive, not due to overexertion or any obvious reason is universally demonstrated in all patients.

Sometimes, pain will be present in the muscles and joints, often diagnosed as fibromyalgia.

Headaches are a common consequence of CFS, especially when patients actively resist the urge to rest.

Mental impairment, such as the inability to focus or collect one’s thoughts, is virtually universally experienced.

Insomnia, despite incredible tiredness, is an added burden that prevents patients from ever catching up on needed rest.

Immune disorders or dysfunctions often go hand-in-hand with CFS.

CFS is far worse than simply being tired. It is generally a syndrome which controls a patient’s very life, making a normal existence virtually impossible.

Causes of Chronic Fatigue

CFS is a real mystery to scientists and doctors, which is no surprise. As a psychologically-motivated pain syndrome, the symptomology makes complete sense, but trying to blame a universally accepted physical cause has proven impossible. Instead, the exact cause is often left to each care provider to determine (guess at) and the patient is often put into treatment, when the real source of pain and tiredness has not even been discovered. This is also very typical of the healthcare system, in general and the back pain industry, in particular. Some of the suspected physical sources of CFS symptoms include:

Disease processes might localized or systemic conditions.

Viral or bacteria contamination is implicated in some patients who test positive for foreign microorganisms.

Environmental contamination may be applied to some patient case profiles.

Immune dysfunction is a common causative theory that may be valid as a symptom, but not likely to be an actual origin.

Dietary sensitivity and allergies are scapegoats for many health issues, including CFS. 

Drug use or drug interactions might create excessive tiredness in some patients.

This diagnostic eclecticism is very similar to the theories applied to explain fibromyalgia symptoms, so it is no surprise that these 2 syndromes are associated and often pronounced as existing concurrently in the same patient.

Realizing that CFS is a severe form of psychosomatic pain is logical and sensible, since the condition generally responds well to appropriate knowledge therapy treatment. Unfortunately, many patients do not understand the implications of a mindbody disorder and do not accept that this possibility might apply to them. It never ceases to amaze me that some people would rather suffer with a physical diagnosis which is incurable, then find permanent relief by embracing the possible psychosomatic nature of their pain.

Chronic Fatigue Assistance

Of course, not every case of CFS is psychosomatic. Some people have truly been poisoned, diseased or damaged in some way, as to experience such severe symptoms. However, most of these people can achieve a very accurate and confirmed reason for why they suffer.

All told, these confirmed cases of positively identified CFS from a physical or environmental cause amount to about 2% of total CFS diagnoses. What about the rest of you? Well, that is the point of this article…

Medical science has failed CFS patients, with very few exceptions. The disorder is true misery personified, yet is simply another reason for the symptomatic treatment industry to make tons of free $$$ at the expense of suffering people. There is no cure; just therapy after therapy; treatment after treatment.

It might be time to try a different approach and see what happens. You have nothing to lose and the potential for a real cure to gain. Consider learning more about using knowledge therapy as a possible solution to your pain and extreme fatigue. It has worked for many and hopefully, it will work for you too.

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