Dreaded Fibromyalgia Diagnosis

Fibromyalgia Diagnosis

The fibromyalgia diagnosis itself is the true villain when considering the power of this rampant and epidemic health concern. While the symptoms of fibromyalgia are severe, it is the diagnosis which prevents them from ever resolving. Although doctors still do not agree on the actual reason why fibromyalgia exists, they certainly agree that treating the condition can make them very, very rich. Therefore, most continue to ignore the completely logical explanation of a possible mindbody causation in many patients in favor or ridiculous and imaginative structural models which have failed to be proven time and time again.

The reason for this is simple. Mindbody disorders can not be treated effectively by medical doctors. There is no money in it. Therefore, some rheumatologists will do everything to keep their finger in this profitable pie, including inventing, exaggerating or even falsifying possible structural causes in order to render more ineffective, but lucrative treatment.

Meanwhile, mindbody professionals have all but established firm proof of regional ischemia as the source process of symptoms. This research is largely ignored, since oxygen deprivation can not be treated by high priced drugs.

This critical essay details the reasons why the diagnosis of FMS have perpetuated the syndrome and propagated it among the general population.

Fibromyalgia Diagnosis Concerns

Doctors know that fibromyalgia patients demonstrate the exact same cellular changes in muscle as those experienced by other chronic pain sufferers diagnosed with TMS and other psychosomatic pain conditions. The nuclei of the cells are abnormally oxygen deprived, making ischemia the most sensible diagnostic theory on the table. This is common knowledge. However, being that the cure for regional or widespread ischemia is knowledge therapy and is free to enact, doctors continue to look elsewhere for structural issues, disease processes, autoimmune explanations or environmental contaminant theories to explain the symptoms in order to preserve their economic bottom line.

As I have said many times, fibromyalgia treatment is incredibly profitable, despite its often abysmal results. I have never met a single patient who truly recovered from fibromyalgia through medical means.

Problems with Fibromyalgia Diagnosis

Rheumatologists have taken the lead in dealing with fibromyalgia patients. Once an important medical specialty when certain conditions, such as rheumatism, were in vogue many years ago, the profession suffered a downturn when symptoms turned out to be related to the mindbody process and not some disease or weather-related concern, as previously thought.

Now, rheumatologists are back in their glory with this new epidemic to deal with: fibromyalgia. The signs and symptoms are like an escalated version of old rheumatism, but the lessons learned in the past have not served well.

These doctors are using their clout and credibility to lead patients on wild goose chases searching for cures for causations which do not even exist in large patient samples. Instead, they justify care on small groups of test subjects or even singular patient profiles. This is the very definition of bad medicine.

Personally, I blame the current epidemic of fibromyalgia on these doctors and their inability to see the forest for the trees. Why prescribe a treatment which works, but makes you no money, when instead, you can provide years worth of bogus therapy and pharmaceutical placation and become filthy rich? A recipe for good health? No. A recipe for success? Sure, as long as you can live without the burdens of soul and conscience.

Fibromyalgia Diagnosis Final Thoughts

Most doctors and patients alike are furious when they read articles like this one. The reason is that the truth hurts. People do not mind the dirty lie as long as it exists swept under the rug. When exposed, these lies cut deeply into our most sensitive ethical realm and make the culpable parties feel as if they should flee from moral judgment, akin to bugs from a bright light…

I get lots of letters from fibromyalgia patients. More than 90% are thanks for opening their eyes to an alternative explanation for their suffering and informing them about the possibility for effective treatment using a proven and completely free alternative solution. The rest are furious letters asking how dare I think that the pain is all in their head. These are the people who are so angry at themselves that they do not even take the time to read. To make it perfectly clear for the angry minority...

Psychosomatic pain exists 100% in the body, same as any injury or disease. The difference is that the causation is in the mind. This is a universal concern in humans and fibromyalgia patients suffer a particularly vicious form of pain. If you are one of these angry ones who refuse to see the logic and results offered by knowledge therapy, then you have doomed yourself. For your own sake, open your mind and at least research the possibility.

Remember also that there are actual diseases and conditions mistakenly diagnosed as fibromyalgia, when there is often another purely structural cause. I invite patients to consider this possibility, as well. Basically, many fibromyalgia diagnosis profiles are wrong. The point here is that the fibromyalgia diagnosis is damning unto itself. There is no hope for a cure to be provided by the doctors making the diagnosis. It is like a living death sentence.

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