Recovering from Fibromyalgia

Recovering from Fibromyalgia

Recovering from fibromyalgia is one of the most difficult things for any affected patient to accomplish, since there is no clear anatomical reason for the pain to exist, very few effective treatments and a slim chance at finding a real and lasting cure.

Medical science has ruled fibromyalgia to be an enigma, with every care provider seemingly taking a different stance on the suspected causes and symptoms. Although treating the condition is a hugely profitable niche sector, curative results are incredibly poor for most patients. I would love to tell each and every one of you the best way to recover from these severe and functionally debilitating symptoms. However, a universal path does not seem to exist. All I can do is share my own research and the results of some who have tried alternative options for finding relief.

If you are desperate to recover from fibromyalgia, then this dialog will put you on the right path, despite many failed attempts before.

Recovering from Fibromyalgia Information

Fibromyalgia has a reputation as a stubborn and treatment-resistant pain syndrome. While this is true, it is not because the pain defies treatment in the traditional sense. The reason that most patients never recover is simply that doctors do not know exactly what to treat! No universally accepted cause has ever been established. Therefore, fibromyalgia treatment is purely symptomatic and holds little hope of actually resolving the syndrome.

Doctors have so many theories are to why fibromyalgia exists, but none of the structural, immune related or disease process related ideas have generated any effective cures.

The only theory which has made any headway is the idea of a total or partial mindbody causation and subsequent treatment using the alternative medical approach offered by knowledge therapy. This approach has provided a real and lasting cure for countless patients, including my own cousin. I can not say that for any pharmaceutical-based medical treatment I see used so often.

Recovering from Fibromyalgia Issues

Fibromyalgia patients often balk at the idea of a psychoemotional source of pain, just like any patient who feels like there is a negative stigma associated with mindbody disorders. However, most patients do not realize that mindbody symptoms are universal in humans, with the only differences being the duration, severity and location of the pain.

The very same processes involved in causing headaches, ulcers and gastrointestinal distress might also cause fibromyalgia. It is as simple as that. Of course, these underlying psychoemotional issues would have to be very severe to create such a significant and widespread pain condition. It is no coincidence that a great number of FMS sufferers have a history of turbulent emotional states, a history of physical or sexual abuse or have suffered a major psychological tragedy in life. No coincidence at all.

It is unfortunate that so many patients who are resistant to this idea fit the angry, repressed and self critical personality type which is particularly prone to developing psychosomatic symptoms to begin with. However, they can not accept this, as it is beyond their experience and belief. Too bad, since acceptance of a mindbody link is proven to be the first step in enacting the cure. This is a research driven idea championed by Dr. John Sarno in his many books for over 30 years!

Recovering from Fibromyalgia Guidance

It must be made clear that doctors who embrace knowledge therapy as a cure for fibromyalgia are not trying to doubt the pain or belittle it is any way. The pain is real and anatomical. It is not all in the head as perceived by many insulted patients. It is actual. However, the source resides in the psychological personality, not the body.

This source can generate tremendous misery and widespread symptoms which are anatomically illogical and for this reason, it is amazing that the entire medical industry is not fully behind the idea of a psychosomatic causation. If doctors did get behind this idea, they could not make money, since the cure is free. This explains a lot when it comes to why doctors all have different ideas of structural causation.

Translation:  Mindbody pain = No $$$.

Anatomical pain (regardless of how illogical the diagnosis is) = Lots of $$$.

Now it makes sense.

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