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fibromyalgia therapy

Fibromyalgia therapy is a huge and largely experimental industry inside the rheumatology care sector. There are literally hundreds of theories concerning the causative nature of FMS and at least as many possible treatment options. Rheumatologists have taken up the crusade in the fight against fibromyalgia, but they are certainly not alone. Many other types of medical doctors, chiropractors and complementary therapists have boarded the fibromyalgia train and have benefited greatly from this profitable specialty.

The scope of this article will look at some of the traditional and complementary therapy options typically used or recommended for fibromyalgia care. It must be noted that none of the medical methods of care have been successful in curing patients and some can not even provide adequate symptom relief.

What is Fibromyalgia?

Fibromyalgia is a condition which is poorly understood by medical science. Most doctors seem to agree that it is a singular condition caused by some unknown physical source which creates a variety of physical, emotional and psychological symptoms. There are many theories as to the exact cause of the disorder, with hormone or chemical imbalance, viral infection and environmental contamination being some of the most popular.

Psychological causation has been theorized by many doctors, yet this idea has not caught on despite positive cure results for many patients treated with psychological therapy rather than physical medical treatments. This simply reinforces medical science’s long standing denial of the mind’s ability to cause physical symptoms. It is also the main contributor to why fibromyalgia is an out of control condition with no cure in sight for millions of suffering patients.

Fibromyalgia Therapy Options

There are hundreds of accepted and experimental treatments for this epidemic condition. Some of the most common fibromyalgia therapy options include:

Diet is widely regulated and changed in the name of therapeutic speculation.

Hormone therapy is often provided to women with FMS pain problems.

Pain management is universally given to all patients, in the form of prescription medications that demonstrate significant risks to overall wellness.

Electrotherapy is an alternative methods of pain control for many diagnosed conditions, including FMS.

Exercise treatment can provide some benefits for some sufferers, but is often too strenuous for patients with severe symptomology.

Hydrotherapy is a great and relaxing way to mitigate pain linked to FMS.

Additional information about these choices and other therapies can be found in our back pain treatments section.

There are many therapies which have no basis at all in medical science. It is clear that many less than ethical practitioners have joined the fibromyalgia treatment industry with few skills and even fewer morals. Bogus treatments are common and many patients are lured into ridiculous therapy schemes and taken advantage of financially. There are a great number of ultra expensive specialized fibromyalgia clinics all around the world (especially in counties with few government health regulations) which promise cures and deliver phony treatments and broken dreams of recovery. In some cases, the care provided is actually very dangerous and may involve significant health risks.

Effectual Fibromyalgia Therapy

I have extensive experience dealing with fibromyalgia patients. A member of my own family suffered with the condition for many years and at least 5% of the site readers who write to me also suffer every day with this horrible affliction. I have seen or heard of so many different therapies for fibromyalgia, but no accepted medical cure. Sure, I have met patients who swear by certain physical treatment modalities and even the most bizarre and ridiculous of therapies have loyal followers.

The diversity of treatment approaches has produced many successes and many failures along the way. Some patients respond to a given treatment, while others do not. This simply furthers to prove the strong placebo effect offered by many of these therapies, as well as reinforces the lack of evidence pointing to a physical anatomical cause.

FMS is not a psychological defect or some form of insanity as speculated by some scoffing medical professionals. It may, however, be a particularly severe manifestation of psychosomatic conditon and related symptoms very similar to tension myositis syndrome or any other psychologically induced pain syndrome. The symptoms are 100% physical and real, yet the causation might just be purely psychoemotional.

The real cure that I have seen work more than any other is knowledge therapy. Best of all, there is no chance to become a victim or pawn to some wacky fibromyalgia therapy or doctor. Knowledge therapy is a free alternative, or at least inexpensive, and is patient controlled. It has no side effects and offers excellent results for the complete amelioration of all symptoms. Many patients still resist this proven cure due to the commonly held psychosomatic stigma. Well, if I had a chance for a cure, I would try anything, rather than go on suffering without hope. Just ask any cured patients who have used knowledge therapy to become pain-free if it was worth it. I think you already know the answer.

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