Homeopathy for Back Pain

Homeopathy for Back Pain

Homeopathy for back pain is one of the most popular and widespread applications of alternative medicine in the dorsopathy industry. A great number of patients write to us asking advice about various homeopathic back pain treatments and how reliable they might be for providing a permanent cure for the suffering and agony which is personified by chronic back problems. All these queries made us learn more about homeopathic treatment by speaking with some noted homeopaths here in New York, as well as some of the more outspoken critics of the system within the traditional medical community.

This article will provide insight on homeopathic back pain treatment, as well as what to expect if you seek care from a homeopath.

What is Homeopathy for Back Pain?

Homeopathic treatment originated over 200 years ago in Germany and was invented by a classically trained physician named Samuel Hahnemann. The main premise of treatment involves a theory called the Law of Similars.   This philosophy states that by formulating substances which are theorized to cause similar symptoms and health issues, these same substances can be diluted and then used to treat the very conditions their symptomatic profiles resemble.

Huh? Ok, Let’s try that explanation again. A homeopath will concoct a formula that they feel will cause back pain in normal people. Then, they will dilute this formula using distilled water, or alcohol, and use the preparation to treat people with back pain. You don’t get it? That’s ok, almost no one else does either, except for homeopaths.

Modern science has almost universally taken an extremely aggressive stance against homeopathic theory, if not actual homeopathic practice. Let’s look at homeopathy closer to see if any of the theory or practice makes sense for back pain sufferers.

Homeopathy for Back Pain Details

The substances used in homeopathy come from all manner of categories, including animal products, plant materials, other organic materials, minerals, rocks, synthetic compounds and even diseased and contaminated ingredients, such as mucus, bile, feces, urine and blood. These last ingredients certainly do not sound curative in any manner and may be considered extremely harmful, even when diluted.

Although this sounds like a possibly poisonous cocktail, drastic dilution is crucial to provide only trace elements of the actual ingredients. According to homeopathic theory, these traces are enough in to jump start the body to fight the health problem on its own. Once again, don’t be surprised if you are lost, since the entire convoluted process seems entirely illogical from a research science perspective.

When not diluted properly, the patient stands a good chance of becoming sick, poisoned or even being killed by certain common ingredients in homeopathic preparations. Simultaneously, homeopaths generally frown on traditional medical treatment and have been harsh critics of such widely used practices as vaccination, pharmaceutical use and surgery.

Homeopathy for Back Pain Editorial

I was truly horrified when I spoke to three separate homeopaths in the last 7 months regarding their craft. I was always under the impression that homeopathy was in the holistic sector of medicine and basically used all natural ingredients to formulate what amounted to home remedies for back pain. While parts of this naïve assumption are correct, the other facets of the science that I learned about made me deathly afraid and even shocked.

Basically, there is no evidence, except anecdotal and obvious placebo, that any of these theories are true, at all, or that any of these treatments work to any proven degree. Regardless, homeopathy remains a hot topic and a wildly popular treatment for virtually anything which ails you. If you judge efficacy by popularity, then homeopathy must be offering something great, since people spend lots of time and money seeking homeopathic care for all manner of health complaints.

I do like the homeopathic stance against some of the more controversial mainstream medical practices, such as the aforementioned obsession with drug therapy and unnecessary surgical barbarism. However, that is about where I draw the line when it comes to finding anything in common with the homeopathic providers which I have seen in action.

In all fairness, I have heard that many homeopaths tend to shy away from some traditional ingredients, or treatment methods, and stick to more universally accepted herbal cures. However, this does not qualify as true homeopathy, so I will leave these examples out of the equation. I also find it strange that homeopaths are usually anti-vaccination, since the treatment they offer basically follows the exact same theory of a regulated dose of a harmful agent to create a positive effect. Am I missing something here?

To learn more about homeopathic back pain treatment, consult with a care provider near you. However, I strongly recommend seeking an objective medical opinion before acquiescing to any care whatsoever. Please share your experiences with homeopathy on our back pain forum.

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