Kneelsit Chairs for an Aching Back


Kneelsit is an ergonomic seating company which offers a variety of unique designs which stand out among traditional back pain chairs. These kneeling chairs place the user in a position that is half seated and half kneeling, in order to relieve stress on sensitized spinal structures. These highly adjustable products can be customized to fit the exact size and shape requirements of each user, making them ideal for use by back pain patients. After all, traditional seated posture is one of the most prevalent complaints of most lower back pain sufferers.

Of course, it is common sense to understand that no chair will cure an underlying structural source of symptoms. However, the right chair can help to make living with a back ache problem more comfortable, especially for those who suffer increased pain from a typical seated posture.

This guide evaluates kneeling chairs for people with lower back issues and sciatica.

Benefits of Kneeling Chairs for Back Pain

Kneeling chairs help to balance the weight distribution of the anatomy. The chair also moves along with body to provide constant support for all your activities. Rising from this type of chair is easier than from a traditional seated chair, since the legs do not have to lift the entire body weight from a fully seated position. Therefore, there is less strain on the lower back when standing up.

There are several important health benefits that a kneeling chair may provide. They are clinically proven to relieve pressure on the spine and can reduce the occurrence and/or severity many types of seated back pain. This particular kneeling chair helps to encourage proper posture to prevent common back muscle pain while sitting. The seated position in a kneeling chair allows for complete support during a full range of work activities.

Kneelsit Chairs for Back Pain Summation

I first saw one of these chairs in Southeast Asia. It belonged to a Australian friend who has a long history of back pain. This man is a professional writer and spends long periods of time typing on his computer. He told me that this chair provides him with all the support he needs while he is working for up to 12 hours a day. I tried it out and found it to be a little strange at first. I do think that the chair could be a great benefit to those suffering with certain varieties of seated back pain.

Remember, sitting does drastically increase the internal pressure in the lumbar spine. This fact can exacerbate structural problems there and may cause purely anatomically-induced suffering. Sitting in a traditional posture can also put undue pressure on the sciatic nerve.

However, it is also crucial to know that many activity-related pain syndromes are of a mindbody origin and may be directly related to the activity at hand. Many people with emotional work-related issues suffer pain when performing work activities. This is sensible. If sitting is an inherent part of your job, then there you go. The solution to this kind of pain will never be found in a chair.

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