Massage Chairs for Back Pain

Massage Chairs for Back Pain

Massage chairs for back pain may provide a good, but often expensive option for finding home back pain relief. These popular seating products can be very effective at helping to alleviate the symptoms of muscular back pain. Specialty massage therapy chairs can be purchased from many retailers, medical supply shops and online.

Massage is a wonderful therapy for a variety of health problems and is also a valuable addition to a general health maintenance program. However, how does a massage chair compare in efficacy to actual professional service provided by a licensed massage therapist?

This investigation delves into the effectiveness of massage chairs for treating back pain in the privacy and comfort of one's own home.

Types of Massage Chairs for Back Pain

There are several varieties of massage chairs available for purchase. Massage chairs can be super simple or unbelievably luxurious. They run on standard electric current and provide a soothing massage without the recurring cost of a professional therapist. However, the upfront price of a quality chair can be considerable.

High-end chairs are usually upholstered in leather or suede. They have advanced massage robotics beneath the material. These chairs are marvels of modern technology. Luxury massage chair products are certainly not toys, as they can really provide an excellent massage. Heat is an added option on most models. Many of the best massage chairs also recline, offering a more relaxing position for a full body massage. Some also feature massage foot rests or ottomans to add to the experience. The best of these chairs can also provide a lift-assist feature. This is fantastic for the elderly or anyone who has trouble standing from a fully seated position. High-end chairs are usually priced over $3000 and some can run as high as $10,000. This is a serious investment.

Mid-level massage chair products are less luxurious versions of high-end chairs. The upholstery and appearance are not as nice and the robotics are less complicated. These chairs can still be excellent and may be a good value for an average patient to afford. The prices range from about $800 to $2000 on average.

Low priced chairs are really little more than toys. They generally offer low quality fabrics and fewer features than higher priced models. The robotics can be crude and many feel more like poking and prodding than an actual massage. Prices usually start at less than $700.

Massage Chairs for Back Pain / Accessories

Besides full chairs, many companies offer add-on products that offer massage capability. Massage cushions can be added to a traditional chair. Some of these products are designed to be used in the car and run on current from the car’s cigarette lighter socket. Other designs are more of a back rest style designed to be used while sitting up in bed.

Full body massage cushions can be used while reclining and offer the most authentic massage experience. These are popular features to add to home theater seating or even to be used at work. The robotics are usually very simple and the cushions are priced from $150 to $800 on average.

Massage Chairs for Back Pain Experiences

I have tried out many of these products in my travels and at trade shows. Massage chairs are extremely popular in Asia. Full featured models are always plentiful in public places, such as airports and shopping malls.

The best of these chairs are truly therapeutic and wonderful. The majority of the mid level and cheap models feel like you are being poked with a stick. It is not exactly a relaxing experience.

I would not purchase any massage chair without trying it out first. People have individual tastes in what feels good to them. It would be foolish to pay $5000 for a chair that you will hate. Shop around, try many styles and find the right chair for you. In the long run, the chair will pay for itself by saving you money on the cost of massages from a therapist. However, nothing can beat that human touch that only a professional massage therapist can give.

If you have some cash to burn and want to be in complete control of when you like to receive a massage, then purchasing a massage seating device is a natural fit. If you have one already, I would love to hear how well it is working for you. Please send us your story on the back pain story forum to help others choose a chair to fit their own needs.

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