Origin of Mindbody Disorders

Mind Body Disorders

Mindbody disorders are a category of problematic health condition which has plagued mankind throughout history. Symptoms caused by the mindbody interactions have always existed and almost every medical system, regardless of how primitive, has recognized the mind’s influence over the physical body.

In order to be an effective and successful healer in any art or science, it is vital to understand the methods in which the mind can and does influence the physical anatomy. The development of modern healthcare practices led doctors further away from appreciating the scope and diversity of the mindbody processes. Obsession with a purely Cartesian theory of pain became the rule for generations. However, times have once again turned in favor of recognition of the inherent role played by the mind in all matters of health, injury and disease.

Background on Mindbody Disorders

The human organism is not a machine. A human is defined as a physical body, an intellectual mind and a emotional spirit. The intellect and the spirit are closely linked to their functional organ, the brain. However, the intellect resides primarily in the conscious mind, while the spirit resides both in the conscious and subconscious minds at once. These facets of the self all work together to create every aspect of that individual. When it comes to matters of health, injury and disease, the mind and body work hand in hand to create and cure symptoms of all varieties.

The psychosomatic process is the name for the ability of the mind to influence the workings of the physical body. Psychosomatic conditions can affect physical health for better or worse. In essence, the mind can injure or facilitate disease in the body and it can also heal and cure the body.

Common Mindbody Disorders

The already lengthy list of psychosomatic pain syndromes grows longer by the day. It seems that humans have over-evolved to the point where their own minds are actually working against their physical bodies. As we have created a stronger intellect and a more complex emotional process, we have also paved the way for the mind to become ever increasingly the general over our submissive soldier bodies.

The subconscious mind takes emotional threats far more serious than the mere annoyance of physical pain. It is for this reason that unresolved emotional issues residing in the subconscious mind are often the catalysts for the creation of physical pain syndromes used to preserve their subconscious anonymity indefinitely.

Psychosomatic pain syndromes are universal in humans, but do vary greatly in location, severity and duration of experienced symptoms. Every person I have ever met has experienced psychosomatic pain of some type.

I have. You have. We all have.

From common stress-induced headaches, to anxiety-related digestive tract sensitivity to chronic debilitating psychosomatic back pain and fibromyalgia, mindbody conditions have permeated every level of society and affected every single human life.

Universality of Mindbody Disorders

Overcoming the psychological pain stigma is the most important part of curing these mindbody pain syndromes. Until they are recognized as being caused by a psychoemotional process, they will never go away.

Medical back pain treatments might help to relieve the symptoms of some psychogenic pain conditions, but will never cure the underlying causes for the pain. The symptoms will always eventually return in the same location or some new anatomical target.

This scenario is called the psychological symptom imperative and is the reason for the millions of cases of back pain substitute symptoms experienced by patients with hundreds of different physical diagnoses.

One of the most successful cures for any mindbody condition is knowledge therapy. This simple and direct approach has demonstrated proven results for defeating psychogenic pain, regardless of the nature or location of the symptoms. There are no inherent expenses and absolutely no downside, making it a natural fit for patients who want the opportunity to get better, without the possibility of getting worse, which is a common risk with many medical modalities.

Our proven pain relief program addresses the mindbody sources of suffering and can cure them better than any other approach. 

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