Oxycontin for Back Pain Hazards

Oxycontin for Back Pain

Oxycontin for back pain is a popular brand name of the generic drug oxycodone. It is a highly regulated opioid pain reliever derived from thebaine and closely related to codeine. Oxycodone is often prescribed forpost-operative pain, but can be given for a wide range of serious symptomatic syndromes, including severe back pain and cancer. The drug mimics both heroin and morphine in its effects on the body. It is extremely addictive and is also one of the most abused prescription back pain drugs in the world. Obviously, extreme care must be exercised when taking this controlled substance.

This discussion focuses on the hazards of using oxycodone for treating chronic back pain.

Oxycontin for Back Pain Varieties

Oxycodone is sold as a pure drug or mixed with another analgesic pain reliever. The pure form of the drug is sold in standard dissolution or time-release versions under the brand names: OxyContin, OxyIR, Percolone, Endone, Roxicodone, OxyNorm, and OxyFast.

Mixed versions of oxycodone include another common pain reliever which reduces the side effects of the oxycodone and makes the drug slightly less attractive to potential abusers.

When mixed with ibuprofen, the drug is sold under the name Combunox.

When mixed with acetaminophen, the drug is called Percocet, Tylox, Endocet, or Roxicet.

Finally, when combined with aspirin, the drug is sold under the brand names Roxiprin, Percodan, or Endodan.

Side Effects of Oxycontin for Back Pain

Oxycodone is a very powerful drug that can cause a variety of side effects including constipation, nausea, emotional disorders, dizziness and skin irritation. Oxycodone use has been linked to prostate problems in men and sexual impotence. It has also been linked to renal and liver dysfunction.

The biggest risk posed by the drug is dependency. Oxycodone is highly physically and psychologically addictive. Withdrawal symptoms from Oxycodone are severe and usually require professional intervention. Oxycodone is one of the most misused drugs worldwide. Many  patients become addicted to the drug and will do anything to continue use. This often results in the long-term continuation of the pain syndromes just to keep them chemically treated. Illicit use is also rampant and many oxycodone users resort to using illegal drugs, like heroin, if their prescription runs out. Heroin and morphine addicts have been known to buy or steal this drug if they can not get their preferred fix.

Oxycontin Editorial

I would avoid using oxycodone like the plague. The only case scenario where I find it appropriate is for patients with severe post-surgical or cancer-related pain. Even in those situations, the patient and usage must be carefully monitored to avoid dependency issues and drug interactions. This drug can be fatal in high doses and is especially potent and potentially lethal when combined with another depressant, such as alcohol.

Be very careful taking oxycodone and make sure to stop as soon as humanly possible.  Better yet, find a safer alternative by talking to your doctor about alternative pain relief methods, including practices that do not involve the utilization of poisonous drug cocktails.

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