Running Back Pain Problems

Running Back Pain

Running back pain can be a real problem for any athletic person. Runners are a tough bunch. They will often push themselves very hard and run in all  types of foul weather. Many serious runners will deal with foot and knee problems, but are stopped in their tracks by back pain.

Running is a sensitive subject of much debate in the dorsalgia sector. Although there is nothing inherently damaging about running itself, the activity does have certain risks which can take a toll on the anatomy. For example, regular running on a hard surface is known to increase the rate and degree of the degenerative processes in the spine, hips, knees, ankles, feet and other areas of the anatomy. It is also known to exacerbate certain sensitive structural issues in the spine due to the constant pounding. Therefore, although running is theoretically innocent, the constant practice of running in a modern world can bring on a host of potential health issues.

This article provides facts about back pain that might be created, perpetuated or worsened by jogging or running.

Back Pain from Running

It is rare that running will actually cause back pain without some other contributing factor, such as a spinal problem or an emotional concern that may source psychogenic symptoms. It is possible that a runner is using poor shoes that might not cushion the impact adequately, but this will usually affect the feet or knees before aggravating the back.

It is also possible that the person has been running on a very hard surface, such as concrete. These situations can cause jarring of the spine, legs and hips. The resulting trauma might cause mild back muscle pain.

Poor running posture might also contribute to minor muscular pain. These issues are easily corrected and the fixes can improve the enjoyment of running once the parameters of the activity have been optimized.

In older runners, osteoporosis might be aggravated by the constant pounding during a jog. It is even possible for vertebral fractures to result from jogging in an elderly runner.

Any sensitized nerve structure is likely to suffer from recurrent impact activity. This is true regardless of whether you have a toothache, a migraine headache or some neurologically-motivated back ache.

Personality and Running Back Pain

Many runners demonstrate similar personality traits. They are usually determined, self-motivated, goal-oriented, driven, lively and intelligent people. These personality traits also are very common for people who develop psychological back pain.

Many patients who are suffering from mindbody pain often experience symptoms during activities which they love. Runners love to run. It would be normal for a psychoemotional cause of the pain to bring on acute running back pain during or after strenuous workouts.

This is common for all types of activity-related mindbody symptoms, especially when a person drives themselves so hard towards a goal that the internalized pressure becomes dangerously threatening to the subconscious mind. The fear of injury or of losing the ability to run may also heighten the pain for many patients.

Help for Running Back Pain

Most back pain associated with running is muscular in nature. Chronic and recurrent muscular symptoms are often the result of a psychological process. If you are experiencing unresolved muscular back ache from running, you may want to consider learning more about an alternative treatment called knowledge therapy as a possible solution, particularly if more traditional medical methods of care have failed numerous times already.

If you are confident that the cause is indeed physical, then it is time to analyze the problem. Make sure that you are avoiding unnecessary pounding of your body. Run on a proper surface and use comfortable and supportive running shoes.

Be sure to get a complete physical exam and investigate all potential sources of pain to determine the actual cause of your discomfort.

Conservative and sensible running should do more to alleviate pain than to cause it. Running is an excellent exercise and is virtually unmatched for cardio and circulatory improvement. Remember, many people actually find back pain relief from running.

If you are healthy and using good running technique, then the cause of your pain may not reside in the body alone. Be sure to consider this in all matters of health, disease and injury.

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