Running for Back Pain Treatment

Running for Back Pain

Running for back pain can be part of a total program of back exercise treatment. Running can be the logical progression for patients who have already started a simple exercise program and want to take it to the next level in order to see increased benefits.

Patients who have been walking for back pain relief will often graduate to running as their bodies become stronger. However, it must be noted that running can also be a cause of back ache and some patients may suffer symptoms if they do too much, too soon. Be sure to discuss running as a form of therapy with your doctor before starting any exercise program in order to avoid inuring yourself or causing a symptomatic recurrence.

This essay provides information on how running might provide relief from common chronic back ache problems.

Running Pain Relief

Running is an excellent cardiovascular activity which can build a strong body and an even stronger will. It is also a fantastic way to lose weight and maintain optimal health. It is one of the most effective exercises for increasing circulation to the affected painful back muscles.

Improved circulation will reduce waste products in the muscles and increase muscular oxygen supply, often relieving the agonizing symptoms of ischemia.

Running will also help to stretch and strengthen leg and back muscles. These are the same muscles often affected by many common lower back pain and sciatica syndromes. Running will also provide excellent therapy for many types of muscular back pain. However, running is still a physical fitness activity and not a treatment which can reshape the spinal anatomy. Therefore, it may provide relief from some types of back ache, but may not help others. In fact, some spinal causations may be exacerbated by running, especially in cases of sensitized neurological tissues which suffer under recurrent impact.

Guidelines on Running for Back Pain

The following tips will help patients to enjoy the most satisfying outcomes from running therapy for back pain:

Consult your doctor before starting to use running as a back pain treatment.

Always wear proper fitting and supportive running shoes.

Make sure to drink lots of water in order to stay hydrated.

Push yourself to increase the pace and distance slowly, but steadily.

Try not to run on a hard surface, as this can do more harm than good over time. Running tracks or wooden boardwalks make much better running surfaces than concrete.

If you live near the beach, try running in the sand. The wet sand near the waterline is best, to avoid twisting your ankle. You will get an excellent workout in a much shorter time frame.

Do not overdo it. If you push yourself to run long distances, you are actually being counterproductive. Long distance running actually deprives the muscles of oxygen and can cause leg cramping and spasms. It is better to keep the distance shorter and work on increasing the speed instead.

Guidance on Running for Back Pain

I used to run often. I found that a run in the sand is a particularly good workout. Now, I prefer to walk. It is just my preference as an aging person.

Running is an excellent exercise and one of the best ways to get in great shape and stay there. I know several regular runners that have found back pain relief during their daily jogs. If muscular back pain is your chief complaint, running for back pain might be part of your solution.

Just know that regular running can increase the degenerative effects on the spine, hips, legs and feet, so I suggest participating in moderation. In fact, I make this recommendation of moderation for all things in life! It is a very good rule to live by…

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