Trying Soma for Back Pain

Soma for Back Pain

Soma for back pain is a popular brand name of the generic drug carisoprodol. The product is also commonly marketed around the world under the brand name Carisoma. This drug is a powerful muscle relaxant widely prescribed for a variety of back ache conditions. The theory behind using Soma is that relaxed muscles will not hurt as much as tight muscles.

The drug can help control muscle tension and muscle spasms, but also has a variety of side effects. When used for indicated conditions, muscle relaxants can be very helpful and effective. However, I have seen these drugs prescribed carelessly for dorsopathy concerns obviously not caused by muscular issues. When offered simply as a “guess therapy”, (do something and hope for the best) drugs like carisoprodol can be dangerous or even deadly.

This discussion focuses on providing an objective evaluation on the popular utilization of carisoprodol for treating back and neck pain. If you are using Soma, or a similar pharmacological product, to treat your back or neck pain, then this discussion is a must read for you.

Risks of Carisoprodol for Back Pain

The main negative side effects of carisoprodol are extreme drowsiness and disorientation. Some patients experience muscle control problems or even increased spasms.

This back pain drug can be physically and psychologically addicting and is a preferred drug of some recreational users. It is especially potent when combined with a narcotic pain reliever or opioid. Many users also combine this product with alcohol or other depressant drugs, which can be particularly hazardous. Never use Soma with other controlled substances without consulting your doctor first to avoid potentially deadly interactions.

Patients must be careful using this, or any, prescription drug long-term, in order to avoid significant risks of physical and/or psychological dependency. Always talk to your doctor about your general health, as well as other types of medications, supplements and lifestyle substances you may be using before taking Carisoprodol.

Soma for Back Pain Guidance

I have never tried using carisoprodol, but other patients have reported to me that the effects are similar to malaise and extreme fatigue or laziness. One fibromyalgia patient described this drug as “sapping the life out of her”. Once again, I do not know why anyone would want to have this feeling except to treat the most horrible types of muscular pain and spasms. Nevertheless, Soma remains a popular prescription drug and one of the most common prescription products often abused for recreational and illicit use.

Try not to take any prescription medication for longer than absolutely necessary to avoid possible serious health concerns and permanent damage to your body. Remember, these substances will never cure your suffering. They will merely bury it is a fog, while the drugs go to work causing all manner of other health concerns over time. Be extremely careful with continuing pharmaceutical treatment. There are many alternatives to pharmaceutical therapy and for the sake of your health, I hope that you will take the time to research them.

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