Tension Myositis Treatment Path

Tension Myositis Treatment

Tension myositis treatment is not anything like the type of therapy provided by traditional medical care. There is no actual physical back pain treatment provided to patients at all in most instances.  Instead, the plan for defeating TMS starts and ends in the mind of the patient, since this is the origin of the condition and this is the battlefield where the fight must occur. Although some mindbody physicians use psychological therapies along with physical treatments, care must be taken to emphasize the emotional origin of pain and therefore the psychological approach to care.

Patients who recognize that stress plays a part in their suffering, but still rely on medical treatments are unlikely to recover, since they often still hold on to some suspected anatomical source of pain deep inside.

This discussion examines the treatment for TMS and helps to clarify some crucial concepts for people who have been positively diagnosed with TMS or people who suspect that they have TMS.

Tension Myositis Treatment Books

According to Dr. John Sarno, the only cure for tension myositis syndrome is an alternative path of care called knowledge therapy. This consists of learning the facts of why the pain exists and why the pain is not actually caused by some coincidental scapegoat condition. It is simply a matter of learning, processing and accepting this information in order to enact lasting relief. However, tension myositis treatment must be completely understood by the patient and integrated into their deep belief system. Without this permeation of knowledge, the lessons will not penetrate deeply enough to reach the well-camouflaged source of pain within the subconscious mind.

The most common sources of knowledge therapy are books written about the subject. This is the same method used by millions all over the globe to defeat back pain and countless other psychological pain syndromes. Some patients can not achieve adequate results from books alone. In these instances, they might have to consider other methods of care by consulting with a TMS doctor or beginning psychotherapy with a TMS trained psychotherapist.

Contributions to Tension Myositis Treatment

I certainly do not overestimate my importance in the fight against back pain. I am just a normal guy with an abnormal passion for helping others to overcome their pain. I suffered for so long with no one helping me at all. I felt so lonely, hopeless, desolate and doomed. No one had any answers why my pain got worse year by year. No one gave me any hope that I could beat it and live a fantastic life, free from pain and suffering.

My goal is to provide a hopeful voice to others at a time when they need it most. I seek to show them that their unresolved pain might be sourced from an alternative location; in the mind, rather than in the body. Now, do not misunderstand. The pain resides 100% in the body and is in no way any different than any other anatomical symptom. It is merely the cause of the pain which is psychoemotional, rather than bodily.

I want to raise this possibility simply for the sake of being that light in the darkness for one lost soul. For this alone, it is worth it. I am thrilled that our proven pain relief program has also earned widespread industry support as an optimized path to TMS treatment.

The Original Tension Myositis Treatment

Dr. Sarno has been an inspiration to me in his never-ending quest to help people overcome their pain. I am sure that he has faced considerable criticism and pressure from his peers, regarding his nontraditional stance on the nature of back pain. Regardless, he has persisted for the sake of the most important ideal; the health of his patients. Dr. Sarno is still the voice above all voices when it comes to TMS. If you want to truly know this condition, his books are the proverbial bibles.

Luckily, there are now many other physicians who also offer qualified TMS care. These doctors have taken Sarno’s theories to whole new levels and have utilized tools never used by Dr. Sarno himself. The internet, in particular, has become a great place to find excellent information abut TMS and other mindbody health issues. Sarno has said that he will not use this outlet to propagate his research, drastically limiting worldwide exposure to his valuable teachings. It is indeed a shame.

Tension Myositis Treatment Tips

What else can I say? Learn the facts. Read the books. These sources of knowledge have proven themselves to be the real deal when it comes to ending mindbody back pain. I do not know of any doctor who has cured more people than these knowledge therapy books.

What do you have to lose?

The cost of self-managed TMS treatment is very low or even free. There are no side effects, so you can feel free to go for it. Take charge of your own health once and for all.

In the battle against back pain, every man, woman and child has the opportunity to be their own hero. Just remember… If you find a cure, always remember to give something back by spreading the word to help others, as others have helped you.

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