Traditional Chinese Medicine
for Back Pain

Traditional Chinese Medicine for Back Pain

Traditional Chinese Medicine for back pain (TCM) is an ancient Eastern method of treating health complaints and maintaining general wellness. Unlike western medicine, TCM is based strongly on Eastern philosophies, as they relate to the human body. Some of the founding philosophies of TCM are the concepts of Yin/Yang, Qi/Chi, 5 Elements, Taoism, Confucianism and Zang Fu. TCM is one of the most widely practiced healing sciences in the world today, both inside China and globally.

Western medicine does not understand or endorse many of the concepts and practices of Traditional Chinese Medicine, but this does not prevent many back pain sufferers from finding relief using some of the modalities contained under the TCM heading. As with many complementary health systems, the skill of the care provider will do much to influence the results of treatment.

What is Traditional Chinese Medicine for Back Pain?

Traditional Chinese Medicine for back pain is a combined Eastern medical approach that utilizes acupuncture, acupressure, massage, herbology, dietetic counseling and exercise to treat the patient. TCM embraces a holistic approach to healthcare and symptomatic treatment is usually avoided. TCM seeks to balance the patient’s body, mind and spirit creating optimum general health.

Doctors of Traditional Chinese Medicine are well rounded and knowledgeable professionals capable of treating a variety of injuries and illnesses throughout the body. Even more importantly, TCM encourages preventative and maintenance care to avoid the occurrence of disease and injury.

Back ache specific treatment is less common in TCM, since the entire health of the patient is always considered. This philosophy is a step up from Western medicine which usually compartmentalizes the human body into individual areas of focus to the exclusion of all others. A TCM care provider will never simply treat back pain and allow other health issues to go unresolved. They will instead concentrate on balancing the entire person, mind, body and spirit, to achieve a better state of health and functionality. What a refreshing change of pace!

Traditional Chinese Medicine for Back Pain History

TCM predates accurate historical records. There are mentions of Traditional Chinese Medicine practices in the earliest written accounts in China. These records date back thousands of years. It is difficult to determine who created specific theories or treatments, but it is safe to say that TCM is thoroughly ingrained in Asian culture. TCM remains a staple of the mainstream Asian medical system to this day.

Chinese medicine is one of the most enlightened and effective forms of healthcare dating back millennia. The early Chinese were wise to many concepts which eluded westernized medicine until the modern era. Most current doctors of Traditional Chinese Medicine utilize a combination of modern medical science and traditional healing practices for a well-rounded approach to total care.

Tips on Using Traditional Chinese Medicine for Back Pain

While some TCM theories seem strange and illogical to western medicine, there is no doubting their effectiveness in the treatment of injury and disease. Traditional Chinese Medicine was light years ahead of western medicine for most of history and remains enlightened to this day.

The ideal approach to healthcare is that of treating the entire patient, not just the patient’s symptoms. TCM teaches unparalleled observation of the patient’s general health to determine the causative condition of the problem. This desire to improve the overall health of the patient is one of the reasons why TCM has been so successful throughout history. It is one of the few healthcare systems that concentrate on creating ideal wellness rather than simply treating disease.

If you are looking for something different for back care, then consulting a doctor of TCM might be beneficial. Be sure to be open-minded and ready to try something new. The system offers something for everyone and can help relieve pain while it goes about diagnosing the root source of suffering. However, for significant spinal abnormalities which may require surgery to resolve, TCM falls short of its goals. Luckily, these cases represent the minority of patients who are afflicted with chronic back pain. To learn more about Traditional Chinese Medicine for back pain treatment, contact a local care provider or ask a TCM association for a referral.

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