Transcendental Meditation
for Back Pain

Transcendental Meditation for Back Pain

Transcendental Meditation for back pain is a unique idea in treatment methodologies. Transcendental Meditation, or TM, is a therapy that may work to control the symptoms of physical back pain and defeat the causes of psychological back pain.

Transcendental Meditation is a beneficial activity which may or may not help your symptoms, but will certainly enrich your overall wellbeing. TM stands out among many other types of treatments in that there are absolutely no health risks whatsoever. Additionally, since the system is not a fee-based therapy, patients can explore the potential benefits of meditation without financial risk, as well. This makes TM a great option for patients who want to avoid drugs or surgery and also those who do not have health insurance and are of limited economic means.

This dialog investigates the potential benefits of practicing Transcendental Meditation for back pain sufferers.

What is Transcendental Meditation for Back Pain?

Transcendental Meditation is a form of meditation that seeks to quiet the mind and place the practitioner in a state of mental and physical calm. This particular style of meditation does not involve concentration or deep thought, but instead tries to empty the background noise from one’s soul.

Each practitioner has a unique and personal sound that is repeated over and over throughout the meditation. This sound is called a mantra. Transcendental Meditation is a very personal therapy which can be practiced by anyone. The treatment is extremely flexible, since no doctor or equipment is needed. Patients can practice TM at home, at work and on the go, allowing the potential for pain relief anytime and anywhere.

Benefits of TM

Transcendental Meditation has been used as a therapy for many physical and psychological problems including: hypertension, back ache, headaches, stress relief, addiction and anxiety, as well as simply to improve general health.

Scientific evidence shows that various types of meditation can indeed reduce the severity of physical pain. TM is not likely to provide a total cure, but even symptomatic reduction is great; especially when it can be achieved without the usual risks of more traditional pain management modalities, such as pharmaceutical treatment.

TM can be learned from books or from personal training with a skilled teacher. Many programs are available for students to learn TM for free, so there is really no reason to ever spend any significant amount of money to gain the benefits of this mindbody system of health maintenance.

Transcendental Meditation History

Transcendental Meditation is the brainchild of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi and has been taught formally since 1958. TM has been likened to a religion by some critics and likened to a cult by others. The reality of the system is an organized central governing body controlling satellite schools around the globe.

Over 6 million have learned Transcendental Meditation, including many famous celebrities and musicians. Although the system reached its height of popularity decades ago, it is still growing and expanding worldwide as more people are exposed to the possible mental and physical rewards it offers.

Opinions on Transcendental Meditation for Back Pain

I have never tried TM therapy, but know many who swear by its healing and restorative abilities. Any form of meditation is good for the mind and the soul and TM is no exception. Personally, I prefer the dynamic meditation provided by martial arts training to any other form of passive meditation. But as they say, “To each their own…”

If you have an interest in alternative, and especially new age therapies, you might want to explore whether TM might be a valuable part of your combined care program for back pain. You have literally nothing at all to lose by trying. All it takes is a commitment of time and some effort to achieve a possible end result of a more comfortable life with less chronic pain. Sounds good to me!

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