Women’s Back Pain Issues

Women’s Back Pain

Women’s back pain is statistically a rapidly growing problem for females all over the world. Society expects more from women now than ever before. Physical demands are certainly more a part of life for women in the modern workplace. However, increased emotional stress and repressed or internalized anger are some of the main contributors to the epidemic of back pain and the increasing incidence of fibromyalgia among women.

Back pain in women has become one of the most common health complaints, especially in females aged 26 to 55. Women must learn what is actually causing their pain in order to have a real chance at defeating it.

The scope of this article will examine some general and gender-specific causes of back ache and will focus on many of the lesser discussed psychoemotional reasons for pain.

Women’s Back Pain Scapegoats

There are many scapegoat conditions often blamed for common female back pain. Some of the contributors are valid and others are unjustly blamed. The following are definite contributors to physically-induced back pain: menstrual cycle, pregnancy and large breast back pain.

Luckily, these conditions usually do not cause severe or lasting pain. In the case of chronic unresolved back pain, not linked to a definitive structural source, the actual cause may be psychosomatic. It must be mentioned that mindbody health conditions are universal in humans and are certainly not just experienced by women. These conditions range from simple stress-induced headaches or stomach upset to debilitating conditions, such as fibromyalgia, IBS and chronic fatigue syndrome.

Mindbody Women’s Back Pain

There are also a variety of possible reasons often blamed for causing back pain, when in reality, the true explanation involves a psychosomatic source or contributor, such as: new baby, sitting, work-related or sex. Innocent activities like these are often triggers for psychosomatic back pain to begin. Medical science does not find a definitive cause for idiopathic symptoms and often uses one of these scapegoats as a possible explanation for the pain. The reality of most of these pain syndromes is that the cause is emotional and not directly enacted by the scapegoat condition or process.

Psychological back pain is the one of the most common types of chronic syndromes in the world. It is the result of repressed and painful emotions that create the need for physical symptoms. These physical symptoms serve the purpose of distracting the patient from the emotionally charged subconscious issues. These issues are often very subtle and are usually related to the activity that produces the symptoms.

Women’s Back Pain Assistance

I have great respect for women, especially in the high demand world of today. Women are expected to cater to family, meet the needs of their mate, raise children, get an advanced education, earn a good living, take care of a home and generally run all aspects of life. This seems like a crushing burden, but most women do it with beautiful smiles on their faces.

This recognition of the great pressure and societal expectation might be accepted consciously, but it also enrages a woman subconsciously. The id is bombarded with tremendous pressure and is insulted at being put upon by such responsibilities. It is no wonder why women have a high incidence of psychological pain syndromes, including chronic back ache.

The solution is not in some pill or treatment. The answer to the pain is in the simple knowledge of accepting the interaction of the mind and body. Knowledge therapy is a great path to consider, since there are no costs or risks involved. This is unique among the many medical and complementary medical approaches to back pain care.

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