Alternative Treatments for Chronic Pain

Alternative Treatments for Chronic Pain

Alternative treatments for chronic pain can be more effective and safer than the traditional medical approaches. Modern healthcare science has completely lost its way when dealing with people who suffer from chronic pain, creating more problems than solutions with its ineffective and dangerous treatment regimens. We have witnessed injury and death caused not by the pain itself, or its underlying cause, but instead by the very treatments designed to relieve it. 

Chronic pain has become a monumental burden on society in the developed world. The reasons why its exists are so obvious, yet doctors continue to treat most patients as if they are suffering from structural defects, rather than completely normal and universally experienced age-related anatomical changes. We have been writing about this medical cluelessness for years and shining a light on its devious financial motivations.

This essay will detail some of the most promising alternative treatments for chronic pain. Many of these methods actually should not be called treatments, since they do not "treat" anything. Instead, they work to derail pain at its source by changing some aspect of the mindbody processes which can not be "treated" using any type of physical care. If you are suffering from persistent pain that never ends, this discussion might just provide your permanent solution.

Alternative Treatments for Chronic Pain Explained

Why do patients even need to consider alternative medicine? The answer to this is the most important point of this entire essay. Traditional medical science treats chronic pain with drugs nearly 100% of the time. It uses oral route and injectable drugs that cause systemic effects that are catastrophic to the health of the body. These drugs are toxic and inherently damage living tissue. Despite coming from a doctor, none of these drugs are good for you. None of them will cure you. All of them are poisoning you. Some of them have a very good chance of causing you permanent injury. A few of them might actually kill you. Vast numbers of people are disabled and murdered each year by the catastrophic negative consequences of prescription drugs. In fact, more people die from prescription drug complications than from all illicit drugs combined! This is not healing. It is genocide.

Not realizing the danger of drug therapies is a very common problem. In fact, most patients buy into the poisoning 100%, stating how they can not live without their poison… The naivete is alarming!

Alternative methods of treatment are safer, hands down. Alternative methods of care do not harm, but instead help facilitate true health. Alternative methods of care should be the mainstream and all these pain drugs should be reserved by select cases only, instead of handed out to countless recipients who happily ingest these toxic chemicals causing financial damage that society must pay for to the tune of billions of dollars a month.

Alternative Treatments for Chronic Pain Effectiveness

In this essay, we are going to suggest methods of alternative chronic pain treatment that are proven to work by medical science. We will ignore any which are controversial or unproven. We will certainly ignore any product or therapy wherein the only support of efficacy comes from the people making or selling it!

This considerably narrows the field of viable and proven alternative chronic pain treatments down substantially. However, this is a very good thing. You do not need 100s of confusing options. Instead, you just need 1 that will actually work for you. Right?

As students of pain, care providers and experts in our respective fields, we are proud to provide you with the following effective options for alternative treatment of chronic pain that will do nothing to diminish your overall health and wellness…

Alternative Treatments for Chronic Pain Best Practices

Let’s get right into the best practices when it comes to alternative treatments for chronic pain:

Pain coaching uses constructive and holistic practices to help patients to manage pain without drugs, injections or surgery. Pain coaching is a science unto itself and we are proud to be associated with the world’s best provider: The Chronic Pain Coach. We highly recommend reading their website to learn more about the benefits of pain coaching.

Knowledge therapy is never a treatment, but holds the possibility for a true cure. More chronic pain sufferers have been cured using knowledge therapy than by any other approach. This therapy defuses the underlying origins of chronic pain by eliminating their motivations in the mind and body. There is no physical treatment needed and the therapy has been used since the 1970s to end chronic pain of all sorts. Knowledge therapy was made world famous in the notable works of Dr. John E. Sarno, MD and is considered a completely traditional medical protocol, despite its avoidance of drugs.

Hypnotherapy is known to work well for many chronic pain patients without any ill effects whatsoever. Medical hypnotherapy is proven to be effective for many conditions and can reduce the severity of pain, as well as the physical consequences of pain on a person’s physical, cognitive and psychoemotional functionality.

Exercise therapy is surprisingly still grossly overlooked. Exercise is known to be both necessary for good health and extremely beneficial for chronic pain. In fact, most patients’ conditions deteriorate once they accept physical limitations and stop being active all together. The simple introduction of exercise into a person’s life is guaranteed to have positive effects and might go a long way towards reducing the severity and limitations of chronic pain over time.

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