Back Pain FAQ and Expert Answers

Back Pain FAQ

We are providing this back pain FAQ section to answer many of the most common questions that we receive regularly at Cure-Back-Pain.Org. Many readers tend to ask similar or identical questions, so we decided that it was time to provide these people with immediate help in the form of expert answers for their most often asked questions. Without further delay, please enjoy our back pain FAQ section and remember that you can still contact us on social media if your question is not answered here.

Causes of Back Pain FAQ

Q: I have back pain. What is causing it? 

A: There are so many possible contributors to back pain and we detail all of them in our section covering back pain causes. We recommend you begin there to see which circumstances are relevant to you.

Q: Is it really possible that my mind is the source of my back pain? This seems beyond my understanding and experience.

A: Yes, absolutely. Many chronic back pain problems are psychogenic and all are influenced by the psychosomatic process. We highly recommend reading our entire section on psychological back pain to better understand why this occurs.

Symptoms of Back Pain FAQ

Q: Why do I have symptoms so far away from the diagnosed cause of my pain. I have a herniated disc in the lower back, but have pain in my legs, as well.

A: Some back pain problems can affect nerves and produce far-ranging symptoms. Neck pathologies can be expressed in the shoulders, arms or hands. Lower back pathologies can be expressed in the legs or feet. Even some neck problems can affect the legs and sexual organs. You can read our full accounting of back pain symptoms to better understand why this occurs. Just remember that some conditions should only generate local symptoms, so farther-ranging pain might be a sure sign of diagnostic inaccuracy.

Q: My back pain tends to alternate with other symptoms in my gastrointestinal tract or headaches. Why does this occur?

A: Sure, we see this often. In a few cases, there might be different source processes at work that coincidentally happen to flare-up in alternating fashion. However, far more likely, there is a single primary gain imperative responsible for all of these painful complaints. We highly recommend learning what it is and work on resolving it in order to regain mindbody wellness. Please research your relevant conditions in our mindbody pain syndrome section.

Diagnosis of Back Pain FAQ

Q: You talk a lot about the high rate of misdiagnosis. Is it really that big of a problem for back pain patients?

A: Yes. It is an epidemic problem that is responsible for most treatment failures, as well as most unnecessary spinal surgeries. Misdiagnosis is the most common reason why treatments fail.

Q: Why does misdiagnosis occur so often?

A: Diagnostic processing is time consuming and complicated. As we mentioned earlier, there are countless possible sources of back pain. Many of these causes are not adequately covered in medical school and are truly foreign concepts to doctors. You might say that they transcend their education, but not their clinical experience. Medical providers might be clueless or might be very in touch with the real reasons for back pain. However, financial motivations (needing something to treat) play a huge role in misdiagnosis and treatment of these mistakenly identified scapegoat conditions.

Treatment of Back Pain FAQ

Q: Do I need back surgery?

A: Statistics clearly reveal that virtually all back surgery is optional, rarely more effective than conservative care and might even do more harm than good. There are definite exceptions to this rule where surgery is truly indicated, but these cases are rare.

Q: What is the best way of treating back pain?

A: There is no universal best path. There is only ideal treatment for specific types of back pain, which requires an accurate diagnosis to know the causative mechanism, as well as ideal treatments for highly-specific patient criteria (age, condition, lifestyle, expectations).

Relief from Back Pain FAQ

Q: I have been receiving treatment (chiropractic, drugs, injections, physical therapy, etc) for a long time already. Why am I not cured yet?

A: The vast majority of back pain treatments are symptomatic in nature. They are not designed to cure, nor will they ever. If you want a cure, then you must pursue curative care. Read our sections detailing the difference between back pain treatments and cures to begin.

Q: If you tell me what to do to find relief, I will do it. Can you help me?

A: Yes, we can. Actually, we already have. Listen carefully… We have created this website, and all of our other websites, with the express intention of helping you. Follow this advice and you will succeed: Become involved. Get proactive. Take charge of your care team. Learn all you can. Stop being a passive victim. All the information you could ever hope to find about back pain is actually right here in front of you right now. Yes, it is daunting to read all the pages here, being that our site is so huge. However, reading is better than spending money unnecessarily, suffering unnecessarily and undergoing surgery unnecessarily. Stop looking for an easy way out. These do not exist. If they did, we would have told you about them years ago. It would make our work much easier… Just start today and work towards relief. If you persist forward, you will find it. If you need direct assistance with any type of chronic pain treatment, our proprietary pain relief program is available online to help you right now.

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