Quest for Chronic Back Pain Relief

Chronic back pain relief

Chronic back pain relief should be easy to find. After all, the medical industry diagnoses dozens of causative conditions and provides literally hundreds of possible treatments. Unfortunately, statistics clearly show that patients with chronic back pain often never recover. Enduring back ache is a growing epidemic which ruins lives, destroys careers and prevents full and rewarding family time. There are many problems with the way chronic back ache is treated and these concerns result in the armies of walking wounded I see every day.

I found myself part of this legion of chronic symptom sufferers year in and year out for decades now. I hope that this dialog helps to put you on the path towards true and lasting relief from chronic back pain and the horrible life consequences it creates.

Chronic Back Pain Relief Truths

Disabling and ongoing back pain is a relatively new phenomenon. In years past, back pain never seemed to be such a serious long-term health condition. Search the historical record of medicine and see for yourself. The shift occurred almost 70 years ago and since then, back pain has continued to grow, spread and infect the general population.

Now, chronic back ache is one of the most common of all health complaints. It costs the insurance industry more money than perhaps any other singular condition. Back pain has invaded every home, every workplace and almost every life to some degree. Either you have back pain, you care for someone with back pain, or at the very least, are close to someone with back pain.

There is no doubt that chronic pain has taken a heavy toll on our society, as well as the lives of individuals and their families. Let’s not forget to mention how chronic pain has also impacted the medical profession. It has bought more luxury cars, luxury houses and financed more fancy trips to paradise than any other health concern. That’s right, care providers have profited hugely from all of our chronic suffering. Do you think these same doctors want to end the suffering? If you made you living from it, would you?

Chronic Back Pain Relief Statistics

Once a back pain syndrome has become chronic, a patient has a slim chance of regaining full function ever again. Pain conditions have a tendency of becoming worse with time, rather than better.

The human body is designed to heal, and heal it does. There are few back injuries that ever leave truly permanent physical damage to patients. Only the most vicious trauma to the most sensitive areas really leaves a person altered for life. Back pain does not follow this natural rule. In fact, back ache most often gets worse, even though the anatomical condition remains unchanged or improves. Worse yet, the anatomical condition often blamed for the pain is sometimes not even truly responsible.

In these cases of misdiagnosis, treatments are administered for a theoretical causative condition, when in fact, the pain is coming from a completely unrelated source. It is no wonder that back pain patients are often doomed to many years of hellish torture.

Chronic Back Pain Relief Conclusions

This article is not directed at people who recently hurt their back doing whatever. It is dedicated to those poor souls who suffer each day, every day. It is written for the ones who have suffered for longer than they can remember and continue to suffer today, tomorrow and far into the future.

Back pain should not be chronic. In almost every case, if the actual cause of your pain matched your medical diagnosis, then you would have been cured a long time ago! The doctors never have a clear answer for you regarding why your pain has not responded to the multitude of treatments they have attempted (and profited from, regardless of the poor results).

You know there must be some solution to your pain, but you can not find it. You have looked in the medical community. You have looked in the alternative healthcare system. You even tried one or two of those wacky new age cures. You are worse now than ever. It seems like the ability to actually find chronic back pain relief is a myth... a legend... an impossible quest. You must learn the truth about the majority of chronic cases of back pain, for they all have factors in common:

They are rarely purely physically-motivated.

They have often been misdiagnosed.

They are often related to mindbody concerns.

Psychosomatic pain is normal and universal.

Typical degenerative changes are normal and rarely cause any pain.

Chronic Back Pain Relief Achievements

Knowledge therapy became my personal cure, as it has for millions of others. I finally beat my horrible chronic lower back pain after 18 long years of suffering. I was almost hopeless and beaten, but I found the answer to my nightmarish symptoms. It cost me almost nothing, only time. There were no side effects except pain relief, unlimited functionality and a bright and happy life. The best part is that I did it all myself.

I worked with the best minds in medicine to put this knowledge to good use and the results are evident in our Cure Back Pain Forever Program. The program is safe, effective, critically praised by healthcare providers worldwide and available to help you 24/7.

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