Dedicated to Back Pain Patients

Back Pain Patients

Back pain patients are my life. I have devoted myself to providing patients with as much detailed information about back pain as humanly possible. It has become a full time job and a reason to get up each morning, despite my own suffering.

Back ache is a condition that can not be fully understood without living through it. I sincerely believe that only a fellow patient truly understands what it really means to suffer. Only a patient can describe the frustration of trying every possible treatment, yet achieving no relief. Only a patient can really appreciate the effect back pain has upon one’s life. As a fellow patient, I bring this empathetic perspective to all my writings here.

Back Pain Patient Quest

The only thing a patient desires is an end to their pain. I used to literally dream about it during the first 18 years of horrific suffering and still do again now that my pain is back to torment me once again.

I tried all the medical and alternative approaches to find pain relief. I even tried some that might be considered extremely alternative. Nothing provided me with much relief and my pain condition grew into a life controlling monster. I was a desperate man.

I, like most patients, thought that the next doctor or therapist had the answer, so I kept trying. I never questioned why so many doctors and therapies failed me. Worse yet, I had little health insurance and paid for the majority of my treatments directly out of my pocket. This was insult on top of injury.

Back Pain Patient Reality

After years of trying to find relief, I was about ready to give up. I just about resigned myself to a life filled with pain and progressive disability from my chronic back pain. Then I received some hope…

I started to research all the facts of why there were so many patients in care and so few actually recovering.

Why were there so many of us? So many lost souls? So many unresolved pain conditions? So many broken lives? Why has medical science forgotten us?

Then it occurred to me. There is something really wrong with the way doctors view back pain. By opening my mind to see the truth of mindbody interaction, I was sure that I had found the answer to my own back ache nightmare.

Back Pain Patients Must Have Hope

There were some doctors having tremendous success treating patients with back pain and other treatment resistant conditions. Innovators like Dr. Andrew Weil and Dr. John Sarno were achieving incredible results using techniques that were outside of traditional medicine, even though they are classically-trained physicians.

I began to learn an alternative truth about how the mind creates and perpetuates pain. I understood the reasons why this occurs and how to stop it. I applied this knowledge and cured my pain. That’s right. I cured my pain. To me, this was better than winning the lottery twice.

This relief lasted for several years, which was heavenly after 2 decades of pure torture. Unfortunately, as age and injury reared their ugly heads, my symptoms returned and I count myself among you still to this day. Ever hoping, ever searching for relief. A patient still, but much better prepared this time around.

Additional work led me to a renewed cure and lasting relief. This is the same work that led to the development of our proprietary pain relief program. I know the program works, because it finally cured me!

Back Pain Patients Conclusions

If you had found a cure, you would not be reading this. You would be all better by now. You are here because you too have unresolved dorsopathy. You need help. The fact that you are still in pain, and probably in ever-worse pain, signifies that something is not right. Maybe it is the diagnosis or maybe it is the treatments used to care for you. In my experience, the most common problem is a misdiagnosis of the actual causation of the pain. Understand why you have your pain and then a cure is possible. Until then you can travel around the entire world looking for back pain relief, but you will get nowhere.

Unfortunately for some, even once a correct diagnosis is made, treatments may be limited in scope or effectiveness and may be worse than the condition itself. For these souls, learning to live with pain may be the only option. I completely empathize with this sad situation.

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