Fibrositis is a Type of FMS


Fibrositis is a soft tissue pain condition now commonly diagnosed under the fibromyalgia umbrella. Many doctors classify the FMS diagnosis as one of a relatively new breed of possibly psychosomatic pain syndromes which can completely dominate the lives of affected patients. Fibromyalgia is a rapidly growing chronic pain condition which affects mostly young women aged 25 to 45. The condition is very controversial, since there is no singular accepted cause and very few effective treatments. Being that the disorder is suspected to be linked to the mindbody process, it is unlikely that a singular effective medical approach to care will ever be developed.

This essay provides an overview of the modern fibromyalgia diagnosis, including one of its component conditons, formerly diagnosed as fibrositis. 

FMS Conditions

Fibromyalgia is a debilitating disorder which can make an activity as innocent as lying in bed into an utter agony. Patients may have a variety of symptoms, both physical and psychological, which create widespread pain, mood changes, emotional trauma, anxiety, functional limitation and more than anything else, lots of intractable suffering.

Fibromyalgia in certainly one of the most severe of the current rheumatic pain syndromes and can lead to disability, depression, emotional breakdown or even death in extreme cases. Many women report they would rather die than face a life with such unrelenting pain. Some actually achieve this tragic end by their own hands.

Fibrositis Treatments

There are so many different theories on how to effectively treat fibromyalgia. It seems that the condition is simply too diverse to allow for a unified treatment approach. Individual patients experience different symptoms of varying severities.

Many fibromyalgia therapies seem to help some individuals, but actually make other patient’s symptoms worse. There are as many different reactions to any particular treatment as there are patients suffering from the condition. Medical science has been practically useless in treating this condition, despite growing numbers of doctors specializing in its diagnosis and management.

Fibrositis Considerations

The most promising of all FMS research has come from the realm of mindbody medicine. When treated exclusively as a psychosomatic condition, many patients experience complete resolution of all symptoms. This is a fantastic improvement over traditional medical modalities or even complementary therapy options.

I have been singing the praises of knowledge therapy for some time, long before it was fashionable or even considered a legitimate treatment by many healthcare professionals. Now, with the ever-growing acceptance of the mindbody processes in traditional care, there is more research being done day by day to help FMS patients using the power of their own internal psychoemotional mechanisms.

Surviving Fibrositis

If you have been diagnosed with fibromyalgia, or a similar pain syndrome, you will need help. This is a serious disorder which will not simply disappear all by itself one day. The condition may be caused by deeply repressed memories, thoughts, feelings and emotions. You will not know what these emotions are, since they are well hidden and guarded by your subconscious mind. The guard used to protect the anonymity of these repressed issues is the actual fibromyalgia condition.

The pain acts as a camouflage or distraction from these issues which will in turn, remain locked away in the subconscious mind. It is crucial to use a therapy approach which will find these issues and come to terms with how they affect your inner self. Once this can be accomplished, the pain syndrome will be useless and the fibromyalgia symptoms might become be a thing of the past.

Although some suffering victims may be skeptical of this approach, one can not argue with the positive treatment results enjoyed by so many patients who simply gave it a chance. Remember, there are no health risks here, no possibility for pharmaceutical complications and no inherent costs. These are all very good things indeed.  

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