Magnetic Bracelet for Back Pain

Magnetic Bracelet

Magnetic bracelets are the most common form of magnet therapy for back pain. Magnetic treatment has been around for thousands of years and magnetic jewelry is certainly not a new invention.

In this age of alternative medicine for back pain, many patients feel that there is good reason to give these products a fair chance to prove their benefits. Many magnet companies have capitalized on this open-minded attitude to treatment by marketing a plethora of devices and products to desperate patients who are willing to try almost anything to find some solace from their suffering. As always, consumers are strongly advised to spend wisely, since many of these offerings may be overpriced scams with little, if any, verifiable efficacy for providing pain relief.

This essay takes a detailed look at home-based magnet therapy for dorsalgia conditions.

Do Magnets Help Relieve Back Pain?

Magnets are suspected of working by attracting or repulsing charged ions in the blood, creating increased circulation to the painful area of the body. This principle is called the Hall Effect.

Another theory for why magnets increase blood circulation is by expanding and activating capillaries, therefore causing more blood to reach the cellular level. It has been proven that increased blood circulation removes painful waste products from muscles and provides increased oxygenation to painful cells. Improved circulation is also known to speed healing of all types of injuries and is a component of good general health.

This fact makes magnet therapy a good treatment option for some forms of oxygen deprivation back pain.

Magnetic Therapy Devices

Here are many of the most popular possible types of magnetic jewelry and products used to treat dorsopathy:

Magnetic jewelry can include necklaces to earrings to bracelets to tongue rings. Anywhere jewelry can be worn, magnetized jewelry can be utilized.

Magnetic insoles are placed in shoes for treating important pressure points on the feet. This treatment technique is often utilized as part of a reflexology program.

Magnetic glasses, mugs and pitchers create yummy magnetized water. Some magnet therapy exponents suggest that magnetized hydration may provide digestive benefits.

Large therapeutic magnets are utilized especially for treating back pain in professional settings, such as in clinics focused on alternative therapies.

Do Magnetic Bracelets Actually Relieve Back Pain?

There is little conclusive proof of any benefits gained from magnetic therapy. The Japanese have done extensive magnetic testing to study potential health benefits and risks. Of course, Japan is the logical place for this research, due to the interest in increasing the speed and efficiency of the bullet train system.

The FDA has approved limited claims for magnet companies to use, at least until further research is completed. These claims include: provides pain relief, improves circulation, promotes relaxation and enhances wellbeing.

There are many variables when considering magnet therapy. The strength, size, polarity and penetrating ability of the magnet all contribute to its potential effects on the body. It is important to get the right magnet for the job, if you decide that magnet therapy is something you would like to try in your back pain care arsenal.

Magnetic Therapy Warning

Magnetic fields and electromagnetic fields have been proven to cause many health problems. Headaches, circulation problems, memory loss, heart arrhythmia, auto-immune disease, cancer, cellular mutation and a change in the pH of the body are all common side effects of long-term exposure to powerful magnetic fields.

Magnets are not advisable for use in patients with pacemakers, internal defibrillators or pregnant women.

Patients who are considering using magnets to treat pain, or any health issue, are strongly advised to do some independent research as to potential risks which may be involved in product usage.

Magnetic Bracelet Advice

We surprisingly have little to say on this topic. We find the idea of magnet therapy interesting and possibly useful for minimizing some types of back pain. On the other hand, we don’t like the idea of becoming dependent on any form of treatment, when a cure is always preferable.

If you are interested in exploring magnet therapy for back pain, we would advise you to get the facts before you start. The most common magnetic devices most likely will not harm you in any way and they might actually help. We would suspect the greatest benefit to a magnetic bracelet is a strong placebo reaction.

A piece of magnetic jewelry is a good investment if you have an open mind to alternative therapies. They are not expensive and might provide more relief with less side effects than a conventional treatment option.

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