Magnet Therapy for Back Pain

Magnet Therapy for Back Pain

Magnet therapy for back pain is an alternate treatment for symptomatic dorsopathy relief. After all, medical magnets have been used for thousands of years in cultures all over the world. Magnets produce proven and documented effects on blood and other bodily tissues. The scientific use of magnets in healthcare remains one of the most controversial topics in research today. However, this has not stopped a multi-billion dollar a year industry from marketing all manner of medical magnets which claim health benefits ranging from pain elimination to cancer prevention to increased life span.

This dialog explores the efficacy of magnetic therapy for treating back pain at home and in professional healthcare environments.

Magnet Therapy for Back Pain Relief

Magnet therapy means using a magnetic force to influence bodily systems. The goal of magnet therapy is to increase local circulation to the affected area and increase the body’s own natural healing ability. Magnets affect the circulation by attracting or repulsing charged particles in the blood. The movement of blood can be directed towards the painful area of the back using the pull of the magnetic field.

Increased circulation is the best way to treat oxygen deprivation back pain, one of the most common forms of chronic pain. Magnets are also thought to open up capillaries, which will also increase blood and oxygen content in the symptomatic region.

There are also alternative health benefits believed to exist by particular exponents of magnet use. These include greater chi/qi circulation for some of those who subscribe to the philosophies of Traditional Chinese Medicine and better organ and gland functionality.

Magnet Therapy for Back Pain / Devices

Professional magnet therapy uses huge electric powered magnetic fields. These magnets can have positive, as well as negative effects on the health of the individual. The use of these large and powerful magnetic fields should be supervised by an expert in magnetic therapy.

Magnetic jewelry is very popular for treating various health conditions, including back pain. Magnetic bracelets, earrings, rings, necklaces, belts and pins are sold in many alternative therapy stores. Online sales of these products is a huge industry.

Magnetic glasses and mugs can be used for creating magnetized water. Magnetic insoles are designed to work on reflexology points on the feet. There is no end to the healthcare uses of magnets in the modern marketplace. Basically, if it will make someone money, a magnet will be attached to it and a marketing campaign conceived.

Risks of Magnet Therapy

Magnetic and electromagnetic fields have been shown to cause many health problems. Headaches, circulation problems, memory loss, heart arrhythmia, auto-immune disease, cancer, cellular mutation and a change in the pH of the body are all common side effects of long-term exposure to powerful magnetic fields. Magnets are not advisable for patients with pace makers or internal defibrillators and should also not be used by pregnant women.

It is always advised to talk to your doctor before getting involved with any type of magnet therapy. They might save you some money with a lesson in common sense or they may even save your life.

Magnetic Therapy for Back Pain Help

The Japanese are strong exponents of magnet therapy. I have visited a magnet therapy clinic in Tokyo and have seen the huge clientele that receives regular treatment for all sorts of health concerns.

Magnet therapy is not proven to cure back pain, but some research promises that there may indeed by benefits for a variety of health issues, including chronic pain. If you are interested in learning more about how magnet therapy might be able to relieve your ongoing nightmare of suffering, talk to your doctor or therapist. Personally, I am waiting for more concrete information to become available before making up my mind on this interesting treatment option.

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