The Mindbody Prescription: Dr. Sarno

The Mindbody Prescription

The Mindbody Prescription is a literary work by Dr. John Sarno and an excellent knowledge therapy book that I have personally read over 100 times while fighting my own chronic back pain. In this book, Dr. Sarno branches out from his back pain focus and covers a variety of psychosomatic pain syndromes.

I strongly recommend this book to all patients suffering from tension myositis syndrome, as well as any other psychogenic pain condition. However, the book is excellent reading even for those who do not have any psychogenic symptoms at all. It is a great primer to mindbody disorders and will be useful for all who take the time to understand the wisdom contained therein.

Medical personnel are especially encouraged to give this book a read, since it will assist them to better do their jobs and truly help the patients who depend on them every day.

For an even more in-depth view of the diversity of mindbody conditions, it is a great idea to also read Dr. Sarno's follow up piece, The Divided Mind: The Epidemic of Mindbody Disorders. This book is co-authored by 6 other amazing doctors who share insights on TMS conditions spanning practically all the body's many systems. Let's examine TMP and determine its value to average back pain patients who are looking to try for something different in their battle against chronic suffering.

The Mindbody Prescription Story

Dr. Sarno had already made a name for himself with his incredible and successful writings on psychological back pain. In this book, Dr. Sarno shares his research and theories how many health concerns are TMS equivalents.

Tension myositis syndrome is not simply back and muscle pain anymore. Dr. Sarno demonstrates how most TMS patients have a history of many other common psychological pain syndromes prior to, or concurrent with, their TMS back ache.

Although not as complete as The Divided Mind, this book is a great bridge between Sarno's early back pain writings and his later, more enlightened literary lessons. Being that the writing is super simple to understand, this book conveys some powerful messages which all can appreciate. If you are looking for a perfect text concerning rudimentary psychophysiology, you have found it in The Mindbody Prescription.

The Mindbody Prescription Cure

Dr. Sarno discusses the reasons why medical science has been so incredibly unsuccessful in treating the numerous psychosomatic symptoms included in the book. He talks about how knowledge therapy has worked wonders with these pain syndromes and how many patients have experienced a complete cure for their back pain and back pain substitute symptoms, simply by learning about the true causation of their pain.

I can attest to the validity of this information, since I am one of Dr. Sarno's own patients who used knowledge therapy to beat my own back pain and stomach problems. Many people have found permanent relief from a wide range of problematic health issues using the exact same approach to care.

I see the tremendous value of Dr. Sarno's works and highly recommend that all readers investigate how mindbody health is one of the most misunderstood and neglected topics in the medical sector. Reading this book might just change your entire perception about wellness, disease and injury. Many patients find these lessons to be life-altering and some find real resolution of their pain. There is nothing at all to lose by reading, especially when you can take the book out of your local library for free.

The Mindbody Prescription Conclusion

I never realized that I had psychogenic symptoms throughout most of my life. I had never imagined that my back ache was connected to other bodily pain and related symptoms I had also experienced in my past. My personal health concerns included a sensitive stomach, headaches as a teenager, knee pain, wrist pain and several others leading up to the horrific back pain condition that almost ruined my life.

After reading this book, I had a much better idea that my psychological symptom imperative had existed for a long time, even prior to my development of back pain. This knowledge helped me to come to terms with some of the emotional issues causing my suffering, as well as giving me an excellent dose of preventative medicine to eliminate the possibility of future occurrences. I highly recommend this book to all Dr. Sarno fans and all patients with any form of chronic pain or other possible psychosomatic syndrome, including some of the least considered, like OCD, depression and anxiety.

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