The Divided Mind by Dr. John Sarno

The Divided Mind

The Divided Mind: The Epidemic of Mindbody Disorders is the latest book from the brilliant mind of Dr. John E. Sarno. This book is a departure from Sarno’s other knowledge therapy materials in that it is far less a self-help book and more of a “state of the industry” text on the complete sector of mindbody medicine.

TDM goes way beyond tension myositis and focuses on the entire diversity of mindbody health issues. Unlike previous works, this is a longer book and explores a deeper understanding of the psychosomatic process. I do not recommend TDM as a first read for patients who are looking to overcome back pain, but certainly do think it is one of the best literary pieces of its kind for more advanced readers who want to expand their knowledge of psychophysiology.

Let's explore the contents of TDM and detail its importance in the modern medical industry.

The Divided Mind Sections

Dr. Sarno co-authored this book with 6 other doctors from a variety of medical specialties. These doctors include Dr. Samuel Mann, Dr. Ira Rashbaum, Dr. Andrea Leonard-Segal, Dr. James Rochelle, Dr. Douglas Hoffman and Dr. Marc Sopher.

Each doctor wrote a dedicated section of the book detailing their own research and clinical experience diagnosing and treating mindbody health conditions. These fresh new perspectives really add huge value to this book, giving the material more credibility than ever before and taking the idea of mindbody health to levels never before imagined in previous works dedicated solely to tension myositis syndrome back pain.

Dr. Mann’s section on psychosomatic contribution to hypertension was eye opening and informative.

Dr. Rashbaum is a colleague of Dr. Sarno at the NYU Medical Center, Rusk Institute of Rehabilitation Medicine. Dr. Rashbaum wrote a short, but informative, chapter concerning his experiences with tension myositis syndrome and specifically how to approach a patient with the diagnosis. I have also had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Rashbaum and found him to be a highly competent physician.

Dr. Leonard-Segal wrote an excellent chapter on her experience as a rheumatologist treating mind/body disorders. Her writing is excellent and is perhaps the best part of this book.

Dr. Rochelle wrote a chapter on his perspective concerning psychosomatic disorders as a practicing orthopedic surgeon.

Dr. Hoffman wrote an excellent chapter on the nature of psychosomatic pain. It is also one of the highlights of the book.

Finally, Dr. Sopher finishes off the book with his chapter on mindbody medicine in family practice.

The Divided Mind Critique

Dr. Sarno is a great innovator in the medical field. He constantly challenges the accepted beliefs and practices of the medical industry, while remaining a practicing physician within that hallowed system. No single traditionally-trained physician has done more to advance the value of the science of psychology since Dr. Sigmund Freud, whom I am sure you know was also a classically educated neurologist, besides being the father of modern psychoanalysis.

Dr. Sarno has recruited some talented physicians to support his work in this latest book. It is certainly nice to see some qualified doctors rallying to embrace and defend Dr. Sarno’s controversial teachings. I guess as time goes on and knowledge therapy becomes mainstream, Dr. Sarno will finally get the glory and accolades he deserves as a true pioneer in medicine. His contributions are among the most important in history and I am sure one day he will be honored as one of the greatest doctors of all time.

I did not find this book to be as personal from a patient’s point of view, but it certainly has more appeal to a professional peer audience of doctors and therapists. If you had to make a choice of a knowledge therapy book to help you cure your back pain, I would definitely still recommend Healing Back Pain as the first choice. If another psychosomatic pain syndrome is your primary health complaint, try The Mindbody Prescription as the best choice for you.

If you have already read these, then by all means move on to a greater understanding of psychosomatic conditions by reading this latest edition of Dr. Sarno’s wisdom. You might just find some crucial insights into The Divided Mind which resides within you.

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