Psychology of Chronic Back Pain

Psychology of Chronic Back Pain

The psychology of chronic back pain is one of the most vital of all aspects to consider when trying to find an escape from the daily struggle of constant agony. Chronic back pain, like all forms of long-lasting pain, is a heavy burden to bear, physically, mentally and emotionally. Unfortunately, the psychological consequences of chronic symptoms are usually never addressed by medical professionals who exclusively treat the anatomical symptoms. Regardless of whether treatment is effective or not, the emotional ravages of chronic pain can last eternally and must be resolved in order for the patient to truly fully recuperate. 

This treatise documents the psychological consequences of chronic pain from a unique and highly empathetic perspective.

Psychology of Chronic Back Pain Suffering

Suffering is the name of the game when it comes to chronic pain. Symptoms which never leave slowly grind the life out of their hapless victims, draining energy, happiness, finances and the very will to live. There is truly no way to accurately portray chronic pain with mere words alone. It is a state of pure misery which can only be truly understood through the experience itself.

I began my back pain ordeal with bouts of acute pain which would come and go. Most of the time, I was alright and free to function normally without great fear or restriction. That is until my back would go out… Then, I was in utter terror and agony.

As my condition progressed through decades of torture, my symptoms became steady and ever present. The reality of chronic back pain became my constant companion and I felt as if I was bound to my pain by the very life-force we shared. To summarize my own ordeal, I became a pawn of my pain. A virtual slave to misery. A puppet of punishment.

I fully understand how you feel dealing with ongoing misery every day of your life.

Psychology of Chronic Back Pain / Hope

As all patients with chronic pain, I would become incredibly hopeful whenever I saw a new doctor or tried a new treatment. I never stopped looking for a true cure and really tried almost every possibility within the back pain industry. As the years passed and my pain grew worse, I truly began to lose all hope. It just seemed that finding lasting relief was impossible and I considered the very real possibility that I would have to be in pain for my entire life.

Reading the many letters I get from all of you, I understand that this is a common aspect of our shared suffering. The ups and downs of hope and disappointment are inherent to being a back pain patient. So many times you get that temporary relief from a new treatment, but then the pain returns, often worse than ever before.

This roller coaster of emotions takes a huge toll of the mind and spirit of every unfortunate soul who must endure it. I have been through it all over and over, but the emotional process still gets to me every single time.

Psychology of Chronic Back Pain / Advice

Recovering from chronic back pain has just as much to do with breaking the emotional cycle as it does overcoming the physical symptoms. Chronic pain is a true mindbody phenomenon and should always be treated using an enlightened therapy program, which will take into account the considerable nocebo influence of any long-term symptoms.

Knowledge therapy has proven itself to be a true cure for many patients with a wide range of ongoing health issues. Even if there is a physical source to blame, knowledge therapy is still instrumental in helping the patient to recover emotionally from the overpowering demands of chronic suffering.

If you are ready to make one last attempt at ending your pain forever, you may want to consider this alternative path to treatment. Remember, there are no health risks to endure and nothing to buy or pay. Hang in there! I know that chronic pain is the worst of the worst in life. However, we must all do the best we can with the lives that we have and endure despite our suffering.

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