Psychophysiology is the study of the physical, anatomical reactions that are caused by the psychoemotional processes. It is well known that the mind can and does influence the body in countless ways and now doctors are finally beginning to understand how and why.

The Cure Back Pain Network has the distinction of being one of the very first online expert-written resources devoted to mindbody medicine, as well as the study and clinical presentation of psychophysiology phenomenon. Guided by such notable voices as the late Dr. John E. Sarno, we have been highlighting the importance of understanding the mind when it comes to treating the body for over 15 years.

This dialog details our favorite topic: the mindbody interactions. We will detail how the mind can cause pain and other health issues, why the mind would cause such malevolent activity and how the mind can also be used to resolve this pain and every other health issue suffered due to psychoemotional defense mechanisms.

What is Psychophysiology?

The body is always under control of the mind. Some anatomical processes can be consciously controlled, while others can be consciously influenced. Students of meditation and the greatest philosophers have known this for thousands of years already, while doctors just seem to be catching on now at this late point in time…

However, the truth is that ALL of the bodily processes are directed and governed by the mind, although many are below the level of consciousness. What doctors call the autonomic system is certainly not automatic. Instead, it takes direction from parts of the mind that reside below our human consciousness. Nothing occurs in the body without the subconscious mind knowing about it and either instituting it or reacting to its occurrence. This is basic mindbody medical fact.

Advanced disciples of meditation have been able to demonstrate seemingly inhuman feats that have puzzled doctors for years, including being able to consciously turn on and off immune responses at will and under specific direction. These spectacles are not inhuman at all. Instead, they are inherently human. It is just that most of us are not present enough to understand how to do them. We have evolved into creatures of the external world, with little insight how the internal universe of our mind truly works. To this end, we have become victimized by our minds and this is most evident in the epidemic of chronic pain and disease that now affects humans across the planet.

We will say for sure that virtually all chronic health issues and pain are the direct results of the mindbody interactions, rather than the direct result of any external infection, contamination or pathology. The body is incredibly adept at dealing with external threats when the mind supports the crusade. However, when the mind decides to institute pain or suffering, there is no defense except for one... simple knowledge of why this occurs and therefore, how to stop it from victimizing you.

Psychophysiology Pathology

Most chronic health issues are caused or contributed to by the subconscious mind. The reason this occurs is almost always as a defense mechanism. The mind thinks it is doing something good in order to protect the most important parts of itself from assault. 

Repression and suppression of emotional stimuli have become synonymous with modern humanity. Our minds have separated into very distinct entities that realize each other are present, but are not harmonious with each other. The id and ego are in continual conflict. The subconscious mind is bombarded by all manner of emotional assaults on a constant basis. In order to protect the consciousness, the "child" of the subconscious mind, pain and suffering are created in the body. This suffering acts as the most effective camouflage the world has ever seen. Nothing will keep conscious attention better than pain; better than suffering. The pain is actually designed to protect, but instead, the mechanism of action is pathological. The defense is maladapted and dysfunctional. Our human bodies suffer greatly so that our conscious minds can be "saved" from the much worse fate of psychoemotional pain.

Psychophysiology Cures

Fortunately, there is an easy way to resolve all of the sufferings, including chronic severe back pain, that are created by the subconscious mind. The cure does not require surgery, drugs, exercise (although physical fitness for health is great!) or any physical treatment. All it takes to cure this suffering is a paradigm shift in the understanding of the mind.

All the knowledge you need is already within you. We can guide you on how to find and activate it, but we can not cure you. Only you can cure you. Virtually no patient with chronic pain is incurable. It simply takes persistence and a real will to route out the true underlying emotional sources of suffering that are fueling the physical agony in the body. This process will be just as painful; but it is a temporary suffering that is necessary in order to stop the chronic, uncontrollable victimization at the hands of your own "parent" mind. If this sounds interesting to you, then we advise you to read more. If this sounds like science fiction or complete BS, then we advise you to further research our claims on other excellent and credible expert-written sources. Maybe you are not ready to stop your pain yet. Maybe you prefer pain in the body to what you subconsciously already know resides under the conscious surface of your mind… Extreme and unbearable anger, fear, loathing, insecurity and isolation.

Psychophysiology is a very in-depth topic and forms the core of our work. We write much about the topics of mindbody interactions and medicine throughout all of our sites, but if you want the complete picture in detail, then we highly recommend reading our books, where no stone is left unturned. We have been working in this field for decades and the results of this work have helped millions of people. If you need help too, our proprietary pain relief program is optimally suited for you.

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