Need Relief for Chronic Back Pain?

Relief for Chronic Back Pain

Finding relief for chronic back pain is the goal of many suffering patients. Unfortunately, it is a very difficult aspiration to achieve. Long-term back pain is one of the most difficult conditions to fully resolve. In fact, patients who experience symptoms for more than 1 year are statistically more likely to continue suffering pain, to one extent or another, throughout their entire lifetimes, than they are of reaching a pain-free state ever. Does this fact scare you? It should.

This discussion focuses on providing guidance to patients who are searching for relief from ongoing back miseries.

Finding Relief for Chronic Back Pain

When patients write to me, there are many common scenarios which are presented time and time again. However, the most prevalent clinical profile of dorsopathy I see involves chronic symptoms which have resisted a wide range of seemingly appropriate back pain treatment strategies and have continued to plague the poor patient for an extended time frame. This is the exact same type of pain which controlled my life for 18 long years and now does so once again. I was very lucky to have beaten the odds and actually find back pain relief, at least for a few years until the torment returned in full effect.

I understand that the process of ending pain is not easy and many patients will never beat their torturous conditions. It is simply a sad fact of life for some. It is crucial to mention, however, that it is rare for a pain syndrome to be inherently unbeatable. More often, the problem exists in a misdiagnosis of the suspected causative condition, leading to a series of treatments targeting a mistaken source of pain.

Relief for Chronic Back Pain Answers

While there is no cookie-cutter approach to curing back pain, I have found that most ongoing dorsopathy syndromes are not what they first appear to be. The vast majority are blamed on some structural scapegoat condition, such as an old back injury which has long since healed, or a spinal abnormality which is simply coincidental to the pain. Regardless of the underlying suspected diagnosis, chronic back pain is only occasionally caused by a structural problem in the spine or anywhere else in the anatomy.

Many lasting pain conditions are caused through oxygen deprivation of the nerves and muscles in an affected region. This process can be diabolical in its symptomology, but is actually quite curable using the correct therapy.

Relief for Chronic Back Pain Tips

I can not say for sure why you have pain. I can not tell you why your pain has not healed. I can only speak from experience with my own chronic lumbar back pain and the pain of literally tens of thousands of other back pain sufferers. I can tell you the patterns which have emerged in my own experience, as well as in the statistics of countless clinical studies and research projects. I can also advise you to use common sense to decide on these considerations for yourself:

How many people do you know who have been truly 100% cured of their chronic back pain using surgery, drugs or chiropractic? Have you found total and lasting relief from any of the therapies prescribed for you? If the structural explanation of back pain is so accurate, then why are the treatments so incredibly ineffective?

The answer to all these questions is super simple. Many conditions are incorrectly diagnosed. If the logic of this theory makes sense to your brain, you are already more than half way to a real and lasting cure.

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