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Sciatica Remedy

Discovering an effectual sciatica remedy can be a very difficult task for many patients affected by chronic sciatic nerve discomfort. Sciatica is perhaps the most common lower body pain expression, affecting countless millions of people worldwide. While there are multitudes of symptomatic back pain treatments available to combat the agony caused by sciatica, there are very few therapies which actually resolve the pain completely.

It is crucial to understand that there is a huge difference between a cure and a treatment. Cures will resolve the cause of the pain and will hopefully end the suffering permanently. Treatments will work to make the symptoms less affective, enabling the patient to live more comfortably. However, treatments will never cure the actual source of pain. Therefore, they need to be continued indefinitely in order to have any chance of remaining effective.

This essay examines the theory behind the most common forms of sciatica treatment.

Finding an Effective Sciatica Remedy

There is a very good chance that you have already tried a variety of back pain treatment options directed at curing your sciatica. Unfortunately, these modalities have most likely provided you with little relief at all or only a temporary respite from your symptoms.

Why have the treatments failed to resolve your pain? This is a common question and should be considered carefully by every patient before moving on to yet another disappointing therapy option. There are 2 main reasons for treatments to fail. The first is something that most patients do not even consider. Most treatments are symptomatic in nature and will not cure anything, even when prescribed appropriately. Massage, TENS and pain management drugs are all perfect examples of symptomatic therapy modalities.

The second reason for many treatments to fail is a misdiagnosis of the actual cause of sciatica symptoms. This is a real problem for any patient and is the number one causation of unresolved back pain complaints.

Sciatica Remedy Solution

Most sciatic nerve concerns are blamed on some spinal abnormality in the lumbar region of the back. Herniated discs are the most common source of blame, but there are a wide range of other potential causes, as well, including arthritis in the spine and spondylolisthesis. While these conditions do exist in vast numbers of patients, they are not typically the real source of symptoms for most. They are simply scapegoats on which symptoms are mistakenly blamed, when all along the pain is actually the result of some other physical or psychosomatic reason.

The cause of incessant sciatica may not be any structural irregularity, but might instead be simple oxygen deprivation of the lower back muscles and neurological structures. This diabolical process can enact horrific symptoms, yet typically remains undiagnosed for years or even an entire lifetime. This helps to explain why sciatica is such a successful pain syndrome.

Evidence for both of these facts has been provided from medical research. Revisions to diagnostic process have shown no correlation between common spinal conditions, such as disc issues, and the incidence of back or neck pain. The very medical bodies which govern doctors have warned their members not to assume any irregularities found during diagnostic evaluation are the source of pain unless verified definitively. Meanwhile, proof of oxygen deprivation has been found in the cell nuclei of many chronic pain sufferers; specifically, in areas affected by their worst symptoms.

Sciatica Remedy Suggestions

I tried everything to cure my sciatica. I know how frustrating it can be to have constant or recurrent lower back pain accompanied by those miserable related neurological symptoms, such as tingling, weakness and numbness in the legs and feet.

I endured this nightmare for many long years before I finally found relief at the hands of knowledge therapy. I recommend the treatment for several reasons, but mainly due to its extreme effectiveness in ending chronic pain conditions. Besides this obvious benefit, there are no risks involved and the cost is basically free. There is no downside whatsoever to trying. That being said, I must say that this treatment is only useful for some types of pain. Results may not satisfy all patients.

For a symptomatic sciatica remedy, I like the nonpharmaceutical methods best, to be free from the risk of ongoing drug therapies. Acupuncture is a great choice for many patients. TENS also works well for many, although I personally found it to be annoying and ineffective.

For curative methods of care, spinal decompression can be a viable option for some disc issues and surgery is always a dramatic final treatment choice. Just be very careful when undergoing even the least invasive surgical technique for sciatica, since they all have significant risk factors and do not demonstrate any better curative results than most other forms of conservative care.

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