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Tension Myalgia

Tension myalgia is yet another diagnostic term for muscular back pain that is not caused by any universally-accepted or identifiable process. The diagnosis was made famous by the Mayo Clinic, describing a symptom set that was eventually integrated into the modern diagnosis of fibromyalgia.

Myalgia is a general term for muscular pain, and in the case of the tension variety, the muscles are chronically tense, tight and obviously physically changed by some process. The specific diagnosis of tension-type muscle pain has fallen out of favor in most medical circles, but continues to be made in far fewer numbers worldwide, mostly by Mayo-affiliated physicians.

This essay examines the diagnosis of tension myalgia and the history of various popular treatment options that have never cured the condition.

Tension Myalgia and Fibromyalgia

Being that medical science has basically combined many of the various rheumatic conditions, which used to be diagnosed as separate entities, under the umbrella of fibromyalgia, the number of patients being labeled with FMS has hit epidemic proportions. 

Most care practitioners theorize that fibromyalgia is caused by some anatomical deficiency, diseases process, environmental contaminant or other structural source. However, more and more doctors are considering the psychogenic explanation, first proposed by Dr. John Sarno decades ago, to be most universally-applicable and logical. These physicians agree that tension-type myalgia should not be classified as fibromyalgia, but instead, that the entire FMS diagnosis should be integrated into the tension myoneural syndrome heading used by Dr. Sarno.

Although Dr. Sarno’s work on TMS has been largely and arbitrarily ignored by most traditional rheumatologists treating fibromyalgia, some have taken notice. It is hard to ignore positive curative results in a healthcare sector known for abysmal failures as the general rule.

Knowledge therapy has enacted lasting cures for so many fibromyalgia patients and is one of only a few treatments which have shown any promise in a field filled with illogical and unenlightened, but highly profitable nonsense modalities. It is also no coincidence that the same oxygen deprivation found in the cells of TMS patients is also inherent to fibromyalgia sufferers. 

Tension Myalgia Treatments

Traditional care for tension-type myaglias was innovative, since it included both physical and psychological therapies. Of course, the physical treatments usually took precedent, but at least there was some effort to recognize and resolve the underlying psychoemotional contributors to the pain syndrome.

To this end, physicians treating the diagnosis tried to reassure patients that there was nothing fundamentally wrong with them or their bodies. This assuagement helped to cancel the nocebo effect often conjured by diagnosticians who cited purely structural or disease-related causations being responsible for the pain. 

Likewise, patients were instructed on stress-relieving methods, such as meditation and biofeedback. Unfortunately, most of the doctors treating tension myalgia did not recognize the fact that many contributing emotional issues were repressed subconscious or suppressed unconscious concerns, meaning that conscious stress reduction tactics were virtually ineffectual.

To go along with these psychological care practices, there were also basic medical approaches to care utilized as part of the usual treatment program. Physical therapy and exercise recommendations were used almost universally. These prescriptions helped patients to regain lost abilities, such as strength and flexibility, as well as overcome their physicophobia.

The real downside to treatment for TM was the barrage of pharmaceutical products used during the treatment regimen. These hazardous chemicals ranged from muscle relaxants to opioid analgesics to anti-psychotic drugs. 

Unfortunately, drugs are still the most often utilized aspect of treatment for modern fibromyalgia patients. However, the FMS drugs used now are many times more potent and many times more dangerous. Some critical physicians actually describe the typical cocktail of drugs used to treat severe fibromyalgia as being undeniably toxic.

Tension Myalgia Update

If you have been diagnosed with any of the various fibromyalgia-related conditions, and a have not found any semblance of relief from medical or complementary care, then you are certainly not alone. Most patients never recover from FMS, since the doctors treating them have missed the point of care completely. Treating fibromyalgia exclusively as a disease of the body has proven to be a catastrophic error in millions of cases. The failure of treatment has led to a tremendous number of suicides, as well as ten times that number of drug-related casualties.

Allowing natural healing to take place by acknowledging the mindbody component of the disorder is the best and only way to find lasting relief, according to the latest mindbody medical research efforts. Best of all, there are no side effects or risks associated with this path, unlike the plethora of utterly insane medical therapies used to victimize people who are already suffering enough.

Our proven pain relief program has helped countless people to recover completely from formally diagnosed tension myalgia and fibromyagia. The program can be accessed 24 hours a day from anywhere in the world, for immediate help.

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