Tension Myositis Syndrome Therapy

Tension Myositis Syndrome Therapy

Tension myositis syndrome therapy is a completely different care concept than treatments designed for structurally-induced back pain conditions. TMS is a psychosomatic disorder which originates in the subconscious mind, even though the symptoms are very real and very physical. Just because the source of the pain comes from psychoemotional issues does not make this any less of a physical pain syndrome. TMS and its equivalents are some of the most common chronic pain syndromes in existence today.

Finding relief from TMS is wholly dependent upon learning the facts of why pain exists. The patient must understand that the mind is using pain as a distraction to camouflage certain general or specific sensitive emotional concerns which are locked in the subconscious. The pain prevents the consciousness from actively seeking out these issues and recognizing their existence.

Since the causative process of TMS is a mindbody condition, treatment must work to address the underlying reasons why the pain exists. This is why professional psychotherapy is the path recommended by Dr. John E. Sarno when simpler methods of care fail.

Tension Myositis Syndrome Therapy Facts

Tension myositis syndrome therapy walks a very different path from medical or complementary healthcare treatments. In tension myositis syndrome patients, the causative issues exist in the mind and this is the battleground where TMS therapy must fight. There are no physical treatments recommended for patients with tension myositis syndrome.

Actually, physical treatment is to be avoided, since this is against the belief that a patient has to repudiate any structural reason for their horrible pain. The patient must accept the psychological nature of the condition and realize that their painful body is physically healthy despite their symptoms.

Meanwhile the patient must also explore the recesses of their mind and seek out the causative emotions which are truly sourcing the symptoms. This is where the therapy aspects of care come into play. TMS methods of treatment are introspective and require a patient to become intimately acquainted with all the emotional issues that the subconscious mind would rather keep hidden.

Tension Myositis Syndrome Therapy Methods

According to Dr. John Sarno, there is only one effective treatment for TMS. Knowledge therapy is the alpha and the omega when it comes to curing this torturous condition. Knowledge therapy starts off as reading material which is designed to explain to the patient why they have pain. This material educates patients how many back pain scapegoat conditions might have been the diagnosed causes of their pain in the past, but these conditions are usually innocent and coincidental to their present pain. This independent patient-controlled form of knowledge therapy is effective in the vast majority of patients, possibly even enacting a complete cure of all painful symptoms.

After reading, the patient must spend time in introspection, trying to uncover the emotions which are causative and troublesome. This takes time and effort and journaling is advised.

For patients who require additional assistance in overcoming their pain, an advanced form of knowledge therapy is often recommended. This method is psychotherapy, either in group or individual sessions. This can really help patients with deeply repressed emotional issues come to terms with why their pain just will not quit. Many patients will be able to overcome the final hurdles of their pain while consulting with a therapist trained in TMS psychotherapy.

Tension Myositis Syndrome Therapy Guidance

I was one of the typical patients with TMS. I suffered for many years with a variety of misdiagnosed physical ailments until I learned the truth of why I really had to endure such terrible pain. Once I discovered, acknowledged and accepted the psychosomatic nature of my pain, I was able to defeat it in a matter of months. This is after an 18 year battle in which my symptoms became increasingly worse despite trying virtually every possible medical and alternative treatment for my pain.

I was able to cure myself with knowledge therapy. My life became indescribably different once the symptoms left. I was free to do whatever I wanted physically and was no longer limited by my torturous back pain. Most of all, I became far wiser when it comes to the interaction between my mind and body.

I have used this knowledge to get in the best shape of my life and I can truly thank my TMS therapy for this miracle. I hope that you can all use this information to overcome your own horrible back pain. If I can help just one of you, it is worth everything to me.

I encourage patients to pursue tension myositis syndrome therapy if they subscribe to the tenets of mindbody medicine. All in all, being that there are no risks involved, and potential relief to gain, there is no real reason not to try this proven path to back pain relief.

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