Ergonomic Chairs for the Spine

ergonomic chairs

Ergonomic chairs are a priority investment for many back pain patients who must sit, despite the pain often associated with this seemingly innocuous activity. Sitting-related symptoms are a common complaint of patients with chronic lower back pain. Unfortunately for some of these patients, sitting is also an inherent part of their jobs.

Office workers, in particular, are subjected to long periods of seated posture and are often challenged by stressful situations throughout their workday. This scenario is perfect for the development of back ache symptoms. While buying a new chair is unlikely to provide a definitive cure for your pain, it may help to make you more comfortable. When combined with a sensible plan for sitting, a quality chair can certainly make a positive difference in an otherwise long, grueling and painful workday.

Ergonomic Chairs for Back Pain Relief

If you need to sit all day, it is a good choice to spend some money on a quality chair. Sitting back pain can be the result of a poor seated posture or an incorrectly designed work space. It is important to use a chair that combines the qualities of comfort and support to maximize the enjoyment of your sitting time. It is also preferable to find a chair which is adjustable, just in case your needs or preferences change in the future.

A quality back pain chair might seem like an expensive investment for such a simple piece of furniture that is often taken for granted. However, it is still a cheap price to pay when compared to the cost and suffering involved in treating a chronic pain syndrome. Remember that you still need to follow the recommended guidelines for sitting, including taking regular breaks, stretching occasionally and setting up an efficient and ergonomic work environment.

Myths Concerning Ergonomic Chairs

A good chair will not solve all your back troubles. Work is still a stress-filled environment for the majority of employed people. Stress creates muscular tension which can result in common back muscle pain. A well designed chair will not exacerbate this condition, but it is unlikely to prevent it either.

Some patients with severe ongoing activity-related pain syndromes are actually suffering from psychogenic pain. This type of condition is very common to experience while at work. No chair will cure this condition, although a patient’s belief in the therapeutic qualities of a well-made chair might soothe symptoms through the placebo effect.

Remember that many mindbody conditions express themselves at stressful times related to the actual source of the pain. If the syndrome involves an emotional component of sitting, such as problematic issues at work, then it is no surprise that pain will begin when seated. No chair will solve this, but a psychoemotional therapy may.

Ergonomic Chairs Experience

Years ago, I suffered greatly when I sat down for any length of time. As a self employed individual, I had to spend a fair amount of time doing back office work for my various businesses. I also write for several projects, including this website. Given the amount of time I used to sit, I felt it was important to invest in a quality chair.

Over the years, I learned that my back pain had nothing to do with sitting or any other activity-related cause. Still, I do like to be comfortable when I am working. After a long search, I actually found a close out quality office chair on sale for about $100. I had looked at chairs costing literally 20 times as much, but found that comfort was rarely linked to price.

Well, after many years, I still have that cheap chair. It just goes to prove that you can find a good chair, regardless of the price paid. Therefore, I always recommend that consumers take time and effort to find the best chair for their needs through a careful process of trying each seating product on for size. There is usually no need to spend too much for a simple and ergonomic design, as long as you are comfortable with more durable and less luxurious materials.

As an alternative choice to traditional chairs, you might want to consider purchasing a kneeling chair for back pain. Many patients find these to be just what they need to return to sitting comfortably with the least amount of pain on the job.

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