Complementary Medicine Practices

Complementary Medicine

Complementary medicine has grown in popularity year by year, becoming a major component of modern back care. The name complementary reinforces the idea that these alternative treatments work well with traditional medical therapies and are not meant to replace basic medical care.

Complementary treatment used to be called alternative medicine and was often frowned upon by traditional medical science. Due to both effectiveness and economic reasons, complementary therapies have become accepted and mainstream.

This commentary examines the complementary healthcare sector and its treatment of chronic back pain.

What is Complementary Medicine?

Complementary therapies are alternative treatments that supplement traditional medical care. The very term complementary is quite a compliment to the alternative therapies which were scorned in the past by many medical practitioners. In essence, these alternative therapies fall outside of traditional western medical science, but have been recognized by doctors as beneficial parts of a combined care treatment regimen.

There are many types of alternative and complementary therapies available. Here are some of the most popular for back care:

Chiropractic is the leading complementary therapy method and is particularly well known for treating dorsalgia.

Acupuncture and acupressure are important aspects of Chinese medicine that have stood the test of time as effective methods of back care and pain relief. 

Alexander therapy produces good results using posture and breathing techniques to minimize pain in some patients.

Bowen therapy and Reiki are spiritually-influenced touch healing modalities often used by "new age" practitioners.

Magnet therapy and electrotherapy utilize known scientific principles to manage pain,

Diet therapy and exercise therapy is crucial components of good health.

Massage therapy provides an extensive range of mind and body benefits, including marker decrease in pain from many diagnosed conditions.

Hydrotherapy utilizes water remedies to sooth away symptoms.

Knowledge therapy achieves cures for many patients and conditions using purely psychoemotional techniques designed to resolve pain at its unconscious source.

Hypnotherapy can help to bury pain under psychological suggestion.

There are many other alternative and complementary treatments worldwide, but these are the ones most commonly thought to provide the possibility of eliciting effective back pain relief.

Tips on Finding Relief with Complementary Medicine

It is amazing how when physicians felt threatened economically by alternative care practices, they often spoke out about the ineffective and unproven nature of these less-than-mainstream treatment choices. However, once they realized that they could actually benefit financially by working with alternative care providers, these same doctors opened their minds, hearts, practices and wallets to the new found partnership.

Complementary healthcare was born!

Alternative therapies have become a huge part of the back pain industry juggernaut. Traditional doctors and alternative healthcare providers realize that they are better off working together than arguing over whose theories are more valid.

This partnership has been a blessing for some patients and a curse for others. Patients requiring a combined care approach for the treatment of structurally-induced back ache benefit greatly from the partnership of traditional and alternative medicine. However, patients suffering from misdiagnosed forms of psychological back pain often get stuck in the care of these providers for many years with little hope for a true cure. It is a mixed bag to be sure.

You might want to try out some of these complementary treatments for your own back pain. Most of the practitioners are extremely knowledgeable and can be particularly open minded and in tune with the specific patient's needs.

I have many friends working in the fields of alternative and complementary medicine. I consider myself very lucky to have such a knowledgeable group of associates always available for reference and advice on all matters relating to health. It has been through their help that this site, and the entire Cure Back Pain Network, has become a reality.

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