Skelaxin for Back Pain Issues


Skelaxin is a popular brand name of the generic drug metaxalone, manufactured and sold by King Pharmaceuticals. Metaxalone is a muscle relaxant prescribed for a variety of musculoskeletal conditions, especially those involving back and neck pain where spasms are one of the main symptomatic complaints.

Metaxalone is a powerful drug and should be used with extreme caution by any patient. It should also be prescribed carefully in order to avoid many of the problems that can occur when it is distributed callously by physicians. Metaxalone is also a drug which is often abused by combining it with other more powerful prescription or illicit drugs, as well as alcohol. In these circumstances, the drug becomes potentially lethal.

This treatise explores the frequent utilization of metaxalone in back and neck pain sufferers. If you are using Skelaxin, or a comparable pharmaceutical product, then this dialog is written just for you.

Metaxalone Warnings

Common side effects of metaxalone include nausea, vomiting, sudden drowsiness or fatigue. Some patients experience severe gastrointestinal discomfort or headaches

Drug usage should be closely monitored by physicians to prevent the risk of problematic interactions or (mostly) psychological dependency from occurring.

For patients, it is always best to stop using any prescription drug as soon as possible, to avoid known and unknown health problems. Be sure to tell your doctor if you intend to use alcohol, illicit drugs or herbal supplements while taking this medicine.  Unwanted complications can easily occur when the drug interacts with many commonly used substances.

Skelaxin Indications

Metaxalone is a general muscle relaxant used to calm muscular constriction and back spasms. It is most commonly prescribed for muscular pain involving cramping and severe acute symptoms. Metaxalone is designed for short-term relief and might be risky to use as a continuous therapy for muscular back pain.

Metaxalone is far less effective when used to treat most structural spinal causes of back pain, but that does not prevent it from being prescribed for many patients with diagnoses ranging from osteoarthritis to herniated discs.

Results of Skelaxin

Muscle relaxants are commonly given to back pain patients, even if their complaints are not muscular in nature. Doctors have a difficult time justifying the logic in this treatment, but usually offer some anecdotal evidence that a relaxed patient feels less pain. Doping up your patients on toxic drugs is not the best way to induce a feeling a relaxation in my humble opinion. Is it, however, a great way to help them achieve organ failure, blood poisoning, dependency issues and other health concerns.

Short-term use of a muscle relaxant is great for athletes and other patients who have suffered an acute back injury and merely need temporary symptomatic treatment. However, when prescribed for an extended time period, Metaxalone becomes yet another oppressive therapy, which enslaves patients into hopeless treatment routines with no hope of curing anything.

Patients might be better off asking their doctor about non-pharmaceutical methods of symptom relief, including acupuncture, TENS, chiropractic, massage and meditation.

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