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Back Pain News

Are you looking for the latest back pain news? Are you a patient looking for relief or maybe a friend or family member of someone who is suffering terribly with chronic back symptoms? We can help you to stay informed about all the latest research, products and treatments in the back pain industry.

Developments are always occurring throughout the healthcare sector. New products, therapies and discoveries are always coming to light and providing patients with a glimmer of hope, even when previous attempts to find a cure have failed. It is important to never give up in your quest for relief, since we can assure you that a cure is available for virtually every patient. All it takes is to find it by overcoming the usual impediments that chronic pain sufferers endure, including the frequent incidence of misdiagnosis, the profit-driven medical establishment’s monetary motivations and the constant pressure to settle for symptomatic care in lieu of curative care.

This essay provides updates on the latest developments that can help to actually cure chronic back pain and allow patients to move forward with their lives.

Back Pain News About Products

Back pain product launches occur continuously. In fact, there are always new products entering the consumer marketplace, since chronic pain is a huge business. However, there are really very few products that are any good when it comes to providing relief from pain.

Many products claim virtual miracle results, but if anything were truly that good, we would already know about it and would have been recommending it all along. Finding a miracle cure for chronic pain in an advertisement in the back section of a magazine is highly unlikely, for sure…

Some products are great for what they do and the benefits they offer. We recommend topical back pain relief products for many different diagnoses and some exercise products can be helpful in achieving specific fitness and rehabilitation goals. We virtually always recommend that patients stay clear of orally-ingested supplements and other types of systemic back pain cures, since these products are well known to be dubious scams and are often manufactured, packaged and distributed in illegal or at least unethical ways.

One product that we can wholeheartedly recommend is our own proprietary pain relief program. We don’t really know if this qualifies to be called a product, since it consists of the results of our research, education and advocacy work from decades of experience, making more of a life’s work than a product in our eyes. You can give it a try 24 hours a day from anywhere in the world and judge for yourself.

Back Pain News About Treatments

Professional back pain treatments are also growing in number and scope. It has long been known that diversity of treatment is a sign of diagnostic incompetence. If the diagnosis were correct, some best practices would naturally emerge, as they have for every other curable health issue. 

Being that professional treatment is so incredibly diverse and ranges from the traditional to the complementary to the alternative to the wacky, we can not help but know that the health sciences are usually far off base when it comes to diagnosing back pain accurately and therefore treating it correctly, as well. This editorial opinion is strongly supported by the terrible efficacy of back pain treatments, most of which fail and some make matters much, much, much worse for patients. All this being said, there are still some innovative professional care methods which have established themselves as real contenders for successfully treating some types of back pain:

Spinal decompression is well suited for curing rare pathological herniated discs without surgery.

Physical therapy is perhaps the very best way to manage and resolve soft tissue pain conditions that are caused by injury, imbalances and general poor structural condition.

Massage and acupuncture offer constructive, natural and effective relief while patients pursue curative methods of care. 

Pain coaching is proven to work as well, or better, than damaging pain management medications, but without any risk and with the added benefits of gained life enhancement skills.

Back Pain News and Tips

We hope that this article helps to bring some of you up to speed with the latest back pain news about products, treatments and tips. To summarize, let us offer the following suggestions for patients who want to find lasting relief:

Never believe that you will find a cure in any pill. This magic pill does not exist. Drug therapies might diminish pain, but this relief comes at great risk to overall health. The same can be said for drugs delivered via injection. The best one can hope for is temporary respite from pain, but usually with added collateral negative effects regionally and possibility systemically.

Back surgery is virtually never actually needed. Most surgeries are performed for financial gain, not medical necessity. Additionally, back surgery generally provides some of the worst therapeutic outcomes, especially over timeslines of up to 7 years, where the majority of patients report disappointing results and diminished functional capacity due to their operations.

Finally, and as always, we strongly suggest that all patients take active roles in their own care and stay proactive during the diagnostic and treatment processes. Failure to do so creates the worst possible circumstances for treatment success, while full proactivity improves outcomes exponentially. Get involved. It’s your health and your life.

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